Caledon: Nara the Colossus

Nara the Colossus is the legendary guardian of the Dawning Gates, created by the gods to protect their divine home from unwanted intruders. She can be seen across the world as the constellation called the Guardian, always standing in the easternmost reaches of the night sky. Those brave enough to sail beyond the edge of the world into the Sea of Stars and return say that the Colossus is taller than the mountains, a living statue made of the purest jade and armored with orichalcum. She stands at the eastern shore of the Sea of Stars, visible long before adventurous seafarers spot land. Captains mad enough to come within Nara's reach and challenge her have their ships obliterated by the Colossus. Despite her incredible physical might, she can be tricked by the clever into allowing them passage into the Heavens. While there is no weapon in the mortal world that can harm Nara, the weapons of gods can indeed harm her. Learned philosophers theorize that Nara is in fact the goddess of guardians and gates.
Nara is the force that destroyed the ancient and lost continent of Mu. When the Patriarch of Mu summoned her into the mortal realm, the gods deemed that the Men of Mu were a danger to the divine realms, and empowered their guardian to destroy the continent and scatter the people to the winds.
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