The Car

Continuing my series of short shorts posted on the last day of November...

It was sleek and predatory, looking like it was going past the speed of sound even at a standstill. I had dreamed of owning one since I was a child and wept for days when I found out I would never own one.

Now, for no reason I can think of, there one is sitting in my driveway. All black, blue headlights, red running lights. I could sit and stare at it if I wasn't so worried I was hallucinating that I jumped in to make sure it was real.

Note on the dashboard.:
'Use this as thou wilst. CRY HAVOK!'

No signature. Keys in the ignition. In hindsight I should've considered the idea it was stolen. However I was lost in the moment. Here I was. Car of my childhood. Car of my dreams. The Beast... and I was at the wheel.

First stop was school. Same school that had been full of people taunting and picking at me. School full of children that were mean and adults that were indifferent. I wasn't there to hurt anyone. Instead I showed my displeasure by throwing a chain around the statue at the front doors and commanded The Beast to pull. I suppose if it were a normal car yanking a statue bolted to a giant slab of concrete down would've been too much. Not so for this car. Statue toppled. Stereo cranked to unsafe volume and tires squealing.

Next on my list of people and places i wanted to show up was my ex's new home. Never should've married her. She was from Old Money and just didn't see the world the same way as I did. Plus she expected me to wait on her hand and foot. Oh sure it's fun to a point, but I draw the line at gong around blackface talking Ebonics while wearing a riding jockey outfit. Sorry but i had to split from that. Sued me for what little I had.

Nice house. Buttons. Buttons.... 'Making your own door. ...PRESS God... just... Holy God I didn't know this car could do that. This thing is something that would make Bond green with envy.

Nobody home. Just s well... Tires expanded, tread pattern changing. Bestial growl rumbling. Not sure if that was the Car or Me. It felt right. Her Lair. Her shrine to herself. Did I forget to mention I was in the middle of Her House with a really big aggressive car loaded out to take on any of those little bitty Central American or Eastern European countries of your choice, and win?

Her house was in flames and dwindling in my rear-view mirror. Who was next?

West Auto.

The thought came from nowhere. I hadn't thought of them in weeks. The 'service technicians' there had taken my old car, that I'd only brought in because a dent on the rear quarter panel. They kept her for weeks. Claiming one problem after another after another. At first I thought it was nice of them to go above and beyond cosmetic work to take careo f these problems. Then I find out, on the news, that they're in the middle of being sued for fraud.

They hurt your first love. Violated her. Desecrated her. It didn't bother me that this voice wasn't my own. By now not much bothered me. I was safe. protected. Powerful. Yes... Nothing can harm you again my host.

I am.....

Diablos Ex Auto
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