Infernal Power

Short concept that wormed its way into my head. Figured why not share.

The demons had been pushed back. Probability Gates sealed and the residual infection either cured or 'neutralized'. In the process eighty percent of the earth's power, communications, and transportation infrastructures had gotten destroyed. This meant a return to energy scarcity. A thing people hadn't had to deal with for generations.

A meeting was called to discuss what to do about this.

"I think we should try stepping up construction on the new vacuum plant." Small man, birdlike in mannerism if not appearance.

"The cost is too high-"
"-Solar and wind turbines can fill the short term gap cheaply. Deregulate and lift zoning limitations immediately!"
"Why not go back to oil? We're able to create bacteria that makes hydrocarbons as waste products."

After an hour of this idea and that being batted back and forth a tall thinly built man spoke though his voice was barely audible. "Why not use the portals to create an energy tap?"

It was as if he had shouted that he would bathe the whole of humanity in fire and torment. All eyes were fixed on him.

"I've already done this on a small easily contained scale with my own research facility and have been giving the excess power to nearby communities."

Gee. Opening a portal to Hell (or whatever religious neutral name you want to call a place full of suffering, and fire, and things that want to eat your face. Awesome idea you say? It'll act as a shortcut so you can get from A to b faster and since it's not actually part of the world you can use it as a handy dandy dumping ground for all the nasty toxic things you don't want cluttering your back yard. Everybody gets what they ant without anyone getting hurt, rite?

Uh no. Not only was is new dimension inhabited, but the locals were of the 'rip your face off and animate your corpse' variety. As with all Things from Beyond normal bullet didn't do squat to them. Worse, once they figured out where we were they started making portals of their own using our technology.

Till one man in an experimental armor, later dubbed Devil Suit used a holy sword and a variety of blessed weapons closed down the linchpin portal that held both worlds together and without which the daemons would be banished.

Naturally this involved nukes and the scrawling holy texts from the Thirteen Faiths of Man to purify the still glowing crater. However it was done and we were allowed to lick our wounds.

...till this bombshell dropped.

The council's reaction was swift, immediate, and would have been considered overkill were it any other time or situation. Not only was the man, who's name has been expunged from history, destroyed, but everything he owned was thrown into the cleansing fires lest the Daemons use them as a material link.

We were great once. IF we can keep from blowing each other apart we will be great again.
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