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Her name was Danni and she had a puppy. While the puppy was a perfectly normal and energetic mutt Danni was... not. She had been 'blessed' with several genetic anomalies her creator hadn't accounted for. So instead of becoming a spare parts clone for his daughter Danni was allowed to grow and learn for the low low price of periodic testings, samples being taken of her, and having to put up with the island's culture of bias against clone-people.

What were the traits that made her life deviate from the expected? For one she had traits more in common with the blue-skinned 'genome' servants about the compound than the woman who had served as her templant. At first her creator had thought she had simply resulted from contamination, but then he reconsidered after reevaluating her donor's other 'contributions' to the island's population.

Unfortunately she was left to her own devices more often than not. Dani was a girl wont to ask questions and try finding out the why and how of things. Intelligence and curiosity not nurtured is a bad thing. So she would explore, which was allowed since nothing on the island would hurt her, and unless she sprouted wings she wasn't going to get off the island alive.

One day while exploring she found the upper torso and head of a human-form robot, more properly a 'synthetic human', but she didn't know this. At first it just served as an inanimate playmate for her. Something like most normal children do with a teddy bear or a much abused action figure. She named it Joe and carried it everywhere.

Soon her new playmate was found by mama brood and taken from her. Being maybe six at the time she could do nothing to fight back and cried her little eyes out at her constant companion being taken away. Mama brood took Dani under her wing and wiped her tears away. "Don't worry dear child," The aviari-sapian crooned. "We'll bring Joe back shiny and clean for you. He needed a bath and then they'll make him able to laugh and sing. Play with you like the rest of us do."

Dani sniffled and accepted Mama Brood's explanation, hopeful but still sad that she had been separated from her friend. Crying won't bring him back, she decided. I have to be strong for my friend. He'll be back. Mama wouldn't lie to me.

Days passed. Dani played and listened when stories were told, as she always did. However every morning she would find Mama Brood and ask 'Is Joe ready to play yet?'

Every morning Mama Brood shook her head sadly. "No honey child. Maybe tomorrow. They're making him better so he can play like the rest of us. Be patient."

A week passed like this. At first Dani's resolve was strong and she accepted without question. Slowly worry started to creep in. She knew sometimes when one of her friends was brought in to be taken careo f they didn't come out again. Had this happened to Joe?

"No honey." Mama Brood would reassure her. "They won't throw Joe out. He's Special."

Special? How? Mama Brood wouldn't answer her. Instead she would get this funny look on her face. Wait and see child. They'll bring Joe back.

A week had passed before her patience gave out and she marched up to the loading door and tugged one of the workers pant legs. He looked down at this little blue skinned mop haired child and shook his head. "I'll go in and ask Dani." His voice was soft. "You wait right here."

A tall widely built man walked out and crouched in front of Dani. "Hello Dani."

Something about his face tickled at her mind. "Joe?"

The man nodded. "They fixed me."

Dani wrapped her arms around Joe's neck.
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