The Library

Doing something now I haven't' done since late June' write a story fresh in blog tab rather than transpose from Q10 or Open Office.

It was cold and dark. The great and sprawling complex did not care for this, or the howling winds and red clouds that gathered about it's aged and ancient surface. It had stood for millinia, guarding and housing the sum total of all written knowledge. Few knew it existed, and those few were sworn to absolute secrecy before being allowed to look on this immense store of knowledge. None broke this oath. Well, none that survived anyway. Hence the gale and howling voices whirling in a vortex of supernatural and meteorological insanity.

A holy pact had been made between mortal and immortal for the privilege of seeing what was in it's walls. A pact that has been broken. Material stolen from the hallowed and ancient halls.

The mansterous and mind rending energies gathered into a crescendo before being released. They traveled through the spirit realms battering aside any foolish or not fast enough to get out of the way. Onward it sped into the material world of the ordinary and everyday.

They homed in first on the lost and wayward materials, writings from the third Atlantian-Muu war. This energy wrapped around protectively, as a mother would her child, and splintered. Part sending it's holy charge home and back to safety.

The rest sped onward, seeking the thief, petty or noble, accidental or intentional it cared not. A debt had to be settled and soon. Oh so soon it found the man responsible. He was sprawled out in bed unaware and ignorant of what was about to happen.

When it struck it did not kill him. Ending lives only snuffed out knowledge and was anathema to what the great library was designed for. It gathered this man much as it had the documents, though far less gently. Energy lashed at his body, inscribing sigils and runes, burning knowledge into him even as it drug him screaming through the material and spirit realms.

A week's service it demanded and a week's service it would get. There chained and charged with sorting through the sum total of all written knowledge. All tweets, blog posts, newspaper clippings, bathroom wall scrawlings. All of it had to be recorded and sorted.

.....never complain about what your local library charges for late material. It could always be worse.
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