Musings: More Music for Thought

Let's try an experiment. I spent a good deal of time putting together a play list of music designed to reflect the moods and scenes from an entirely non-existent movie, playing off of an archetypal story. I want to see what the writer types who watch this blog do with the music- you cannot judge the content by the title, you actually should listen to the music in order! I've taken the liberty of removing my annotations to avoid tainting the creative process. I will only say that it involves an evil empire and a hero who defeats said empire. Please leave your ideas in the comments section for this post.

For those of you who are capable of using Grooveshark, I've replicated the play list on there: The Hero's Saga. For those of you who can't use Grooveshark, here's the list so you can go hunt down the tracks...

- Conquest of Paradise, Vangelis, 1492: The Conquest of Paradise
- The Key Of Twilight, Yuki Kaijura, .hack//SIGN Original Sound & Song
- Melodies of Life Arranged, McVaffe, OCRemix
- Kalki, E.S. Posthumus, Makara
- 15 Years Ago, Keikei Kobayashi, ACE Combat 5: The Unsung War
- Obsession (str. ver.), Yuki Kaijura, .hack//EXTRA SOUNDTRACKS
- Unstoppable, E.S. Posthumus, Makara
- The World. Yuki Kaijura, .hack//SIGN Original Sound & Song
- Light and Shadow, Vangelis, 1492: The Conquest of Paradise
- Truth and Reconciliation Suite, Martin O'Donnell, Halo: Combat Evolved
- Pompeii, E. S. Posthumus, Unearthed
- Beyond Dark Skies, Junko Tamiya, Bionic Commando
- In The Land of Twilight, Under the Moon, Yuki Kaijura, .hack//SIGN Original Sound & Song 2
- Duel of the Fates, John Williams, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
- Finish The Fight, Martin O'Donnell, Halo 3
- Oraanu Pi, E. S. Posthumus, Cartographer
- Us And Them, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphonic Pink Floyd
- Silent Life, Yuki Kaijura, .hack//SIGN Original Sound & Song

I'll post my annotations at the beginning of December.
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