Random: Twitter on the Brain

My wordcount this year has suffered greatly. It could be because emotionally I'm standing on jello and can't figure out which way to move so I'll get shaken the least. Could be because since I'm blogging I demand more from myself than in past years. Could also be any number of issues. Six of some, half a dozen of others. I'm about nine thousand words down.

'Everything looks dead here. No signs of life. Moving on'

All around me was barren. Desolate field looked like the place, wherever this was, had gotten rained on by live grenades. Inwardly I grimaced even while I searched for any signs of life. Looking inside your own mind was... well it's never easy, but this was the first time I'd done it and there was somebody in here somewhere renting part of my brain-space I was wanting to serve an eviction notice to.

While I was sifting through the wasteland of my own mind my body was strapped to a hospital bed typing notes on the experience. Not a completely accurate way of making a running log, but it was relatively fast and I wanted Tiv and her crowd as up to date as possible. That's right. I was Twittering my journy to the center of my mind. Problem?

'Signs of structures ahead. mud-brick or adobe. Looks abandoned.'

I was close enough to smell the char and smoke. There were no bodies, but then again that might have been due to the nature of this place. There would be no chance taking since I wasn't sure just how ridged the rules of this reality followed the rules I was more familiar with.

"Hello there!" I approached, waving an arm overhead. "Anyone home?"

'Correction. Inhabited region. Twisted pig-hippo-human hybrids. Under attack.'

Yes my mind's a weird place.

Large mouthed... creatures came screaming out of one of the more intact structures waving what looked like sharpened tree trunks at me. I got a better look at one of these after it had made the rock next to me into lots of smaller rocks. Yea. Normally these things would be called spears, but they were about as thick as my thigh and tipped with a large rough diamond. More of these things were screaming and braying in my general direction.

Status: RUNNING!

Yea, running was a good idea. I'm somewhat leggy and I run on a regular basis since my insurance offers credits for those that take a more pro-active approach to maintaining themselves. As a side benefit my persuers, and their stupidly huge weapons were left long behind me.

Lost. Will disconnect shortly.

My mind focused on the callback proceedure. I've done this plenty of times both in simulation and while traversing other persons minds. Always smooth and easy as you please.

Uh oh.... I can't get out of here.

Trouble is it wasn't working this time. I tried again. Nothing. I added physical pain as a focus. NothingNothingnothingnothingbigfatNOTHING.

Guys. We have a problem.
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