Robot City

Let's see, a friend decided to help give me a kick in the pants idea-wise by making a bit of a request/dare. Take the basic structure of Mega Man X, robot law enforcement busting rouge robots and or mad scientists, and run with it in a legal friendly format. Because i like more plot and characterization than the series has shown, plus don't especially like what HAS been shown I'm pulling from my other favorite cyborg/robot inspirations. Terminator, Bladerunner, Robocop! GO!

Note: Looking through TVtropes for research/link material during nano is a VERY bad idea.

 Scorched and blackened riot armor wasn't meant to stand up to flames, and humans are combustible. So it would be forgivable if most people considered the man rushing into the burning apartment to be either crazy, or suffering a hero complex. He would describe himself as no hero, and his sanity was only partially debatable as his job mandated psychological evaluations yearly in addition to ones after traumatic events.
The building was empty.

The hidden bunker beneath it was not.

Few people knew of this hidden sanctuary outside of the group that had it (and the apartments above it) built. As a result the man chasing through burning hallways desperately searching for the hidden entryway believed it likely the people he was hunting for were down there.

Imagine if you will being in a hallway, fire and smoke everywhere in addition to smoke, instinctual fear of fire screaming at you to Leave Now and you might have some small idea of how this man must have felt.
Thankfully, for him if not for the people he was perusing, he had found his way in the entryway to this hidden hideaway. Unfortunately for him though the outer door was unlocked the inner foot thick reenforced steel door was.

There was a snap-hiss as he activated his sword. Physics as your average person understands them couldn't explain how what amounted to a shaft of light not only ending a set distance from the hilt it had sprouted from, but that it was both hot enough to cut through the door as if it were nonexistent, yet said heat didn't immediately flash fry the weapon's wielder as well as anything combustible in the immediate area.

No matter, the weapon was real and eventually it had cut a way through. A swift series of kicks later and this black clad avenger strode into what he knew was probably a trap hastily thrown up to deal with him. Cutting through blast doors isn't exactly subtle and they had time to prepare.

Fortunately though his armor was seared and scorched it did an amazing job at keeping the hostile fast moving little bits of metal from making little bitty holes in his body. Nobody facing him was armed with anything larger than a handgun so even as he walked amongst them, slicing through their cover just enough to leave them open and defenseless but not so close that any actually got hurt, he seemed to feel no real worry.

"Your guns are useless. Put them down, place your hands on top of your head and leniency might be shown for your cooperation." The man's voice was calm, almost lecturing even as he was being shot at. Strange that nobody aimed for his face, but then again hitting a head sized target is generally far harder than one at first thinks.

Several did as ordered once it became painfully obvious that nothing they had could touch the intruder.. Others continued firing until armored fist or thick soled boot brought them to the ground. The intruder brought a radio up and listened for a moment before speaking. "Central, any word on that backup?"

"ETA five minutes Unit One."

The man frowned. "What's the holdup here?" His professionalism cracked when he continued. "I'm hip deep in the biggest chop-ring this side of Tokyo and I'm having to try going in alone?"

"Hostage situation in the Heights." Smooth calm professional voice answered.

"Just peachy. Be advised I'm proceeding on foot alone."

"Acknowledged Unit One."

The man grunted and cut his radio. He was actually somewhat surprised it had worked down here but procedure is procedure. Actually if he followed the strict letter of the book he should be arresting everyone on scene that moment, but he neither had enough ties to bind all of them nor was he going to let a few low level flunkies keep him from the main prize.

So onward he went. This was no factory, thankfully 'parts processing' wasn't anywhere near here. Synth bodies in different states of often times untidy dismemberment had made him about as close to ill as he could. This wasn't anything like this gang's fronts. It was their bolt hole to wait out trouble.

This being the case the rooms he searched through were primarily utillitarian, kitchen, pantry, Living area, and so on. Nobody else. It didn't make sense. Those people up front were guarding something. Then he saw the server room. Bingo Wans't as good as an actual arrest, but his bust had been aboveboard and his suit was, if the equipment hadn't failed, recording everything. Useable evidence.
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