Robot City

You know, I actually have a better idea of where I'm going to take this than I do of the Valkyrie materials. At a glance that's fairly bad I suppose since Valk's been in the to do list for the better part of a year (possibly closer to two years, I forget.) However I have been a huge fan of the mega-man franchise since the early X games caught my interest. I had built up a fair bit of a personal fan mythos and had gotten a fan-fic going that had started to reach a somewhat respectable length befure lack of general interest and other shinies catching my attention caused me to abandon the whole works. With this settingI get to revisit what amounted to an abandoned interest, and do so without the baggage community bickering over how this and that and nine other thigns are supposed to relate.

Why give them beam swords? I could cite it's supposed to be a weapon capable of cutting through armor while being less a risk to collateral damage. However I'm gonna say 'Just because i think it's Neat.'

    Alexis found her partner waiting for her by the building's front desk a little apart from the small line of people and not-quite people waiting. Slightly taller than her, same hard shelled uniform she wore with only the nameplate and rank insignia being different. Perhaps it was the tension of being in a new job, or it could have just struck her funny but she snorted. "One size fits all."
    Her partner smirked, "Newbie huh?" He held a hand out, which got shook politely. "So, Alex. i can call you Alex right?"
    Flat stare at him as they both headed to the parking garage. "Alexis, please." She glanced at his name-tag, "Aleph...uh-huh." Continued dry tone. "I take it nobody working your side of things has a normal name?"
    Aleph shrugged. "My side, your side. We're all on the same side ya?" He watched Alexis circle their car slowly, approaching it.
    "'887 Spirit." She sounded thoughtful while making her inspection. "You boys seem to get first dibs on the good stuff." Door opened, she glanced around and waited for Aleph. "So," She glanced at the center console's display, touching it here and there until she found what we're looking for. "Domestic disturbance, dead owner, maid requested a unit swing by to collect her."
    Aleph grumbled. "Report says she's locked herself in a closet, won't come out even under orders. Won't say why."
    Light traffic with a ride filled with lots of no-talking. Aleph eyed his new partner carefully while their care drove. "Something eating at you?"
    "No," She kept her eyes on the road. "Please keep your hands on the wheel. Don't trust these things on their own."
    "Uh-huh." He did as asked about the car. "So you're being snippy and confrontational just because that's how you are?"
    "It isn't important. We're on the clock so it can wait."
    And so silence reigned until they got on scene. Nice apartment, good part of town, would've been better if there wasn't a broken window and the outline of a dead man on the sidewalk. While Alexis talked to officers on the scene Aleph entered the building, one hand hovering inches from the sword hilt at his side.
    "Hello?" Hesitant questioning voice. He took a step further in and looked around. Interior was nice for the most part. Aleph glanced the place over, weary and alert. He'd had experience enough to see that there was a struggle. The human in residence had a mallet, possibly a small sledgehammer. There was a struggle in the living room that continued through the kitchen. Hammer dropped, knife picked up.
    Aleph knelt to get a better look at the shards of synth-skin and stains on the floor and stove.
    "Aleph!" Alexis's voice was tense. "Found our missing maid." Both of her hands were empty and she was by the hall bathroom door. "Miss," Professional voice, "Miss I'm going to have come in there. You're not going to give me any trouble are you?"
    "I don't think so Officer." Voice from the other side of the door sounded feminine, but it also sounded obviously artificial, like something had taken a few shots at the owner's head and knocked something loose.
    "I'm coming in now." Alexis slowly turned the knob and eased the door open just enough to look inside. Usual bathroom things where one would expect them. The mangled and cut up dark skinned woman curled in the tub was decidedly not part of the usual decor. "Jesus..." Alexis's voice was a bare whisper She knelt by the edge of the tub to get a closer look at the wounds, a look of puzzlement at the pale liquid leaking from several of the larger cuts.
    "What happened to you?" Aleph's posture changed from wary caution to concern when he saw this.
    The woman, easier to call the maid that since outside of her injuries showing obvious non-human bits she looked very female and very afraid, cringed away from both officers. "I don't know," She was obviously in pain and scared. Her eyes wide with terror. "I'm afraid I might've done this."
    Aleph and Alexis exchanged confused looks.
    "I-I think I might've killed him." She started sobbing. "I just didn't wanna die. He was gonna break me open just to see what I looked like on the inside."
    Alexis reached out to comfort the woman, who hissed and shoved her away. "No! I'm unsafe! I can't remember what happened!" She shrieked before lunging for Aleph, apparently intent on taking his sword.
    He was caught off guard, but training and his 'attacker' being badly injured allowed him to scoop both of her arms in his long enough for Alexis to place a restraining collar around her neck. She winced when the probes sunk in even though she knew the woman wouldn't be able to feel anything once it was active. That was the whole point, cut off electrical impulses from the processor to the rest of the body.
    Aleph glowered at the entryway as two of the more usual sort of police officer entered. "Get a repair team in here. She's leaking fluid from," He glanced at the woman now that she hung limply against him, "About two dozen cuts. Blunt trauma to the face and neck."
    Alexis looked at the woman for another long moment before leaning over and throwing up in the toilet.
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