Robot City

One case per day does not a patrol officer's shift make. I'll freely admit my research is nonexistent. However i feel the Robotics department's job is to show up when a possible hostile Synth shows up. Once that's dealt with the case is generally handed off to another division better suited to the particulars.

    Outside Aleph loaded the maid in the back of their car while Alexis handled on site questioning. this consisted mostly of what they did, what they touched, took away, the sorts of things one would want to know while combing over a home. She did this though she was still visibly ill and her relief once inside the car was plain to see.
    "You OK?"
    Alexis nodded and took a sip from her water bottle. "I'll be fine. Just... didn't think it would be that messy."
    "Well, it is but you find ways of coping. Where'd they pull you from, Grab, Vehicular?" Turning the conversation away from the cut up and beaten (robot) lady in the back seat. Good Aleph, you have a clue after all.
    Alexis tried to look anywhere that wouldn't give her a reflection of who was riding with them. "Patrol. Worst I'd seen was a hit and run that decided to try coming back around to finish the guy off."
    This made Aleph wince. "You've been lucky then. Most of your work's been straightforward until now. See perp, bust perp. Tends to get sticky here."

    Stop by the station to drop the maid off and file paperwork. Get sent out again.
    While they drove Alexis noted the center console flashing directions to where their next call was. "Humanists?"
    A moment to focus on traffic. "Not as often as news likes to make out. Mostly interdepartmental cruft. Plus a few hind bound dinosaurs up the ladder that doesn't like Synths in uniform."
    Eyeroll. "It's obvious that you're valuable. So what gives?"
    "Meh. Maybe they think us getting all the shiny new stuff first means we're taking from them. Maybe they believe we grab too much of their credit." Aleph eased into an elementary school parking lot.

    "Areas' clear except for your people me and my partner?" Alexis eyed the man in charge.
    He nodded, "They've got classes out on a collective field trip. They don't want a huge fuss. Just go in and bring the canner out."
    Aleph snorted but said nothing when he shouldered past the cluster of armed and armored cops guarding the entryway.
    "Don't worry," Alexis checked her gear before following her partner in.
    Inside was what one would think of from a school full of kids. Posters and art along the hallway walls. Notices and motivational posters here and there. Everyone was gone and they had a few hours. The report said it was a janitor malfunctioning. Ran into the school when it was caught beating a coworker with a broken broom handle. Answered to the name of Scruffy.
    It's unfortunate that there was so much ground to cover, but Alexis was confidant enough to split up. They didn't need the hours given to them. As it turned out Scruffy was hiding in the boy's room. Alexis found this out by the shouting Aleph was making. She'd come running in expecting anything \from a mangled Synth held by the scruff of it's neck to Aleph having just cut it to pieces. Instead she saw it attacking Aleph with a pair of chair legs moving with the fluid grace of an experienced fighter.
    She whistled, which caught the Synth's attention for a fraction of a moment. That was all the time Aleph needed to reach out with one hand, grab Scruffy by the throat, and twist. This caused the body to fall in a pile where it stood. After he toed it with his foot Aleph motioned for Alexis to come closer.
    "Thanks." Alexis nodded and gave Scruffy a closer examination. Standardish build, modeled after an elderly fellow. Broken neck and wild facial expression were non-standard. "I'll go see if anyone else is around. You take laughing boy to the car."
    "You sure that's safe?"
    "Sure," Aleph helped her get a better hold on the deactivated janitor. "Severed connection. no signals gong from brain to body."
    "Yea, but what about you?"
    He snorted. "Keep in touch." As it turned out Scruffy was alone and the drive back uneventful. still, another deactivated Synth meant more paperwork in addition to the stuff from the prior call they hadn't yet finished with.

    Last call of the day involved a large construction machine. It sat hunkered down looking as sad as a twelve foot tall armored lifting unit possibly could. "I'm sorry to trouble you officers." Polite voice and docile mannerisms.
    "It's no trouble Mister Sapphire. Your call said your off-hours shell went missing." The giant nodded slowly, almost on the verge of tears if the crude face it wore was anything to go by. "Can you walk us through the specifics?"
    "Well I'd first noticed it was missing during mid-day break when I wanted to go home, check on my cat. Thought a couple friends of mine took it as a joke. Nobody's owned up to it, which is weird since usually they'll fess up. I put it out of mind after break was over, thought maybe I'd just misplaced it or the cleaners took it, forgot to leave a note this time."
    "But that's not the case?" Alexis was curious now. She'd have assumed if someone were going to steal an unattended shell it would be the obviously heavy armored and heavily muscled worker-shell instead of the relatively human-comparable shell that had gone missing.
    Sapphire shook his head, "No ma'am. Everyone pitched in to look around, make calls. Frank offered to let me borrow a loaner until this gets sorted out."
    "That's good to hear. We'll do some looking for ourselves if you don't mind."
    "Oh not at all. Please. Just... lemme get changed first alright? Probably would make you feel a little easier if there wasn't some twelve foot tall walking wall following you around." Sapphire laughed a little. "Probably why Frank called you guys, afraid somebody'd take things wrong if they saw me on the way to his place wearing this. I mean c'mon... subtle it ain't."
    "Amen to that." Alexis decided she liked the man. "My partner's calling Theft in right now to go over everything here, interviews, and such. When he's dun we'll walk you home and make sure this shell gets back here."
    "Sounds good to me." Sapphire sounded genuinely pleased.
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