School Reports: Magic

OK. This... is a tough one so please bare with me. I'm going to try explaining how magic, at least the underlying energy that then gets shaped and crafted, works.

framing this as a sixth grader's school report. Why? Other than the fact I can, it gives me a thing to hang stuff off so I can expound on the basic concepts of setting while hopefully appearing somewhat in-universe enough to include with my other writings.

Magic: How and What
Adam Weller
Grade 6, World History
25 February 69AA

    Magic, Mana, Essence, Strands, to be honest nobody's sure what to call this force that hadn't been around in my grandfather's time much less how to fit it in with Pre- Delacroixian physics models. So with When agreed on and Why unanswerable let's answer How, What, Where, and Who.

Note: For the purpose of this report I will call this energy type Magic, as often reputable sources call it this, and I was raised with that name.


    Nobody knows how magic first came about. Theories are all over the place. A large number of sources seem to believe, and i agree with, the idea that magic is a byproduct of life. This is mainly supported by the fact that all attempts at sustaining magical affects fail and measurements, subjective as they are due to being taken from people instead of instruments, read negative.

    How magic was lost from the world by roughly the same time as the Americas were colonized by Europeans is also something of a mystery. Documents made publicly the Vatican as well as several other longstanding groups that have survived the entire 'null' period relatively intact makes mention that magic was waning slowly through the century leading up to it's disappearance, yet other than cryptic references to a mana cycle nothing conclusive has yet been found.

    How have people been affected by magic's reintroduction? How haven't they? The aboriginal peoples across the world seem to have benefited the most in that their old ways of doing things apparently work as more than community building projects. Additionally religions had to adapt to the new reality or face being painted with the black brush by public opinion being shaped by their more extreme elements (Example being the The Malleus Maleficarum, aka 'Witch's Hammer' that enjoyed brief notoriety during the mid to late 20's.)


    Magic, by whatever name you call it, is other than a type of generally hard to harness energy that hasn't been present on earth in great quantities since, according to Vatican records, the early sixteenth century and had been in decline for at least forty or fifty years prior. Its reintroduction to the world roughly fifty years ago, a time before Dragons, Chimera, Lamia, and all other intelligent partial and non humanoid intelligences.

    Unlike stored electricity magic, when stored in a properly constructed matrix, does not discharge, weaken, or need traditional conductive materials to go from source to target. While running water can act as a ground for ongoing magical affects that reside on the surface of a person (or object or... anything else) magics and glamor that hide below the surface, such as mental compulsions, or those that are embedded in focus objects (often called fetishes) do not lose their potency when exposed.


    This force permeates everything from the edge of Outer Space, to the deepest parts of the earth we've been able to access. Evidence suggests an upper limit roughly equal to the atmospheric boundary beyond which it is impossible to draw on or affect anything beyond via magic.

    Why is unclear and many theories, none proven or outright disproven, have been put forward. However the most popular one as of this writing is that magic is a byproduct of life. Because the earth is permeated throughout with microorganisms Magic is capable of being directed anywhere within this gaiasphere and is strong enough to ignore the majority of 'thin' spots caused by a localized lack of living creatures.

    There is some argument over the week long global chaos associated with the destruction of Oak Island was a byproduct or cause of Magic's widespread (re)introduction to the world. Sources do seem to agree there is a connection between the two events but little of specific value could be found in the time allotted.

    Origins aside where is 'magic' used in modern times? Due to the short time between (re)discovery and now magic is a strictly controlled and little understood phenomena. While schools, such as McMurry Academy, do allow courses in the basic elements of summoning and Mythobyology it is, contrary to claims made otherwise, a criminal act to practice magical research or even use without a permit (several different permit types exist, but the discussion of this goes beyond the scope of this report.)

    Ideally, if one is a sanctioned magic user, most ritual based magic is used in a dedicated room for the process wit ha circle of copper, silver, or gold in the center to act as a barrier between the shamus and whatever is summoned up within aforementioned circle (note: often times combination of the metals mentioned earlier are ideal and when combinations are used iron is a key 'strand' that all other metal types must be woven around. Otherwise iron makes a poor magical insulator and as a result a poor choice in a elementary binding ring.)


    In short anyone can use magic to one degree or another. This is why it is considered exceedingly dangerous and one of the first things done once the governments of the different nations came to terms with this sudden new force was to attempt regulation. Penalties, looking back, seem quite severe on those that would not abide by these new regulations, but one must keep in mind this period was also the post Chaos turmoil that had not yet been tamed by the Collective Alliance government (because it didn't exist yet!)

    Just because anyone is capable of harnessing this energy does not mean everyone is equally gifted at its use. Much like music, or writing, or any other hobby some people have a natural affinity and others a natural inability.

Final Grade: C
Summary: Good job working with available resources. However works were not cited, there were several formatting errors (copy with errors highlighted will be provided Monday,) and the largest glaring error was that absolutely no mention of the use of specially grown crystals for electrical power.
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