Setting Saturday: After The Bomb

I have, literally, shelves and shelves of books, most of which are RPG books. Today I picked up my first ever Palladium book. Now I'm not going to rant about Kevin Siembieda or his business practices, I'm just going to focus on what's considered one of the quintessential Palladium RPGs.

After The Bomb is an outgrowth of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG that Palladium published back in the heydays of the half-shelled heroes. There's the usual array of Palladium mechanics: SDC, Psionics, Alignments, Experience Points, Skills, etc. The mechanical design is still firmly entrenched in the methodologies of the 1980's RPGs.

But as with most Palladium games, I bought the book because of the interesting setting. Come on. Mutant animals. Long story short, genetic manipulation became a consumer product and some knucklehead decided to create an incurable disease using the human genome. Lots of humans die, the animals mutate into humanoid forms, governments nuke each other assuming it was a biological attack, you have a post-apocalyptic mutant world. Fun stuff.
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