Setting Saturday: Eyrdimeth Bluedawn

Another Caledon character.

Eyrdimeth Bluedawn, Elf Wanderer

Raised to assume the position of Etharch at some point in the future. While being trained to be a Sword Singer, Eyrdimeth and her mentor fell in love. Because of her high birth and expected role, consorting with a wild-born elf would be shocking and scandalous. After many years of carrying on the affair, Eyrdimeth discovered she was with child. She fled Alfheim before her pregnancy became obvious to avoid the personal and political fallout of the relationship. She found refuge with a dwarf adventurer who is called Johan Beard by Men, giving birth to Azure in the small fishing village of Ogen in Caledon. Her son was named for the blue waters along the coast of the town, and is just now coming of age (at least by Elf standards). Despite her self-imposed exile, Eyrdimeth continues to write letters to her older sister Illythia, who lives in Aurum.
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