Setting Saturday: Space Suit

Actually a chunk from an alternate universe for BattleTech I'd been tinkering with called Operation Ares. I've converted it over to Mekton Zeta, mostly because there's a lot more flexibility with Mekton Zeta than in BattleTech. Hopefully I've given enough information to replicate it in Mekton Zeta Plus. I'm trying to avoid giving out hard stats because those tend to reveal game mechanics whether intentional or not. Custom material like the Cutting Torch and Magnetic Clamps are fine to give out though, because they're not in the books.

Space Suit

There are countless brands of what is formally called 'light self-contained environment powered armor', but they all have common features. The most important feature is the ability for the powered armor to protect the wearer from hazardous environments, which results in the very light armor protection that it provides. Another very important feature is that the wearer be able to have his full range of motion with his hands, in order to manipulate objects, meaning that most space suits eschew standard battle armor manipulators in favor of the more sophisticated and delicate advanced models. Since most space suits are primarily used by maintenance crews of space stations and spacecraft, a typical space suit incorporates common tools, usually a cutting torch and searchlight. Finally, in case of extended operations or emergency evacuations, an average space suit is equipped with extended life support and emergency power supply.

It is unlikely that any major innovations will occur to change the layout of the standard space suit. After all, it has not changed significantly in the seventy some odd years that the first commercial models were produced. Escape pods are equipped with enough space suits for the ideal number of occupants, which has led to trouble when the designers have underestimated how many people are needed to crew a class of spacecraft.

Mekton Stats

CP Cost: 7.9
Scale: Human Scale (1/10)
Weight: 22.5 kg
Speed: 10.8 KPH
Servos: Superlight Head, Superlight Torso, Superlight Arm x2, Superlight Leg x2
Armor: Superlight (All servos)
Equipment: Cockpit (All servos), Superlight Sensors (Head), Magnetic Clamps (Integral), Spotlight (Torso), Storage Module (Torso)
Weapons: Cutting Torch (Right Arm), Feet x2 (Legs), Hands x2 (Arms)
Systems: Power Cell Powerplant, Reflex Control System, Space Environmental Protection, Space Type Hydraulics

Cutting Torch: DMG 3H, Acc -1, Space 1, 3H, 1.7 CP. Traits- Energy Melee, Hyper. Human Scaled.
Magnetic Clamps: Costs 0.3CP for Mekton scale, 0 Space, 0 Kills. Allows the mekton to latch onto magnetic surfaces and walk/move across them (slowly). Integral system.
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