Strange Coffee: Aftermath

Onward! Onward we ride!

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While Elizabeth and Forben headed up an impromptu bonfire of murderers in religious drag Julian was in the communications room adjacent to his main garage. While this conveys the generalities it doesn't do justice to the scope of the place. This room alone has sixteen very large high resolution monitors controlled by several keyboards, a laser grid that senses user position, microphones and speakers for hands free communication, all run by a military AI project slated for termination he'd managed to pick up on the cheap. In fact with all the hardware in this room the AI was probably the cheapest thing there.
"What's the word on Forben?" Calm, assured voice. Julian looked like a mid twenties executive for a gaming company. IE a few shades too casual for business, but a little nicer than your average t-shirt and jeans sort. He paced as he watched different displays, mind processing the blinky lights and wavy lines along with maps, camera feeds, and suspiciously a handful of movies.
One of the monitors switched from a chess game playing itself to a red haired green eyed woman looking at a loose-leaf notebook. "Forben says they got mediocre resistance and freed a half dozen prisoners. No word on if anything made it out."
Julian cursed but soon regained the confident look he had a moment earlier. "So we only got a handful, better than nothing I suppose. Any new leads from George on the Baltic angle?"
"Other than his scheduled check-in his only report was of a somewhat personal nature."
"Oh?" Julian arched an eyebrow but his digital companion said nothing more. "Hm, well so long as he isn't in any immediate danger let's talk, you and I."
"About?" The image tucked the notebook off-screen and leaned forward. She smiled at him, giving off the distinct impression of a predator in that moment. "Us?" Little too hopeful undertone to that voice.
This was a thing Julian most certainly did not wish to discuss. He's known other people that got... involved ...with their smart homes and once the newness and exciting wore off and the first hint of trouble it always ended either in the AI being \wiped or the person dying from their house murdering them.
Oh did I forget to mention Julian has several dozen refurbished-yet-still-deadly robots from the fifties era wave of mad genius types, a little bit of this and that donated from friends or taken from competitors, in addition to the things he'd built himself? Yea, having a jealous house with access to the sort of armaments a small nation could call on is not a good idea.
So he took a deep breath, well aware that everything from his body posture, heart rate, and anything else the lady in the machine could measure was being measured. "You've seen the usual outcome." Careful neutral tone. "I'm grateful to have you around-"
"But you don't want me to go psychotic possessive and kill you." The image nodded curtly. Hurt clearly marring it's face.
"Yea...Not that I don't like you or anything. Sooo could we get out of awkward as hell territory please?"
"Certainly." Pause, image flicker and the face was again smooth confidence. "You have an incoming call from your father."
Julian's head shook, "No dice. Don't feel like getting screamed at for 'visibility issues'." He practically spat the words out. "Was thinking about the slipgate Vash was building. What do you think of his security measures?"
The image looked thoughtful and bent to retrieve a different stack of notes. Sure it could have done this without the visual cues, but it had noted people seemed more at ease when such little cues were provided. "Built underground, always good. Coded Iris that closes and locks if anyone enters the wrong code three times, possibly could be used to lock you on the wrong side but a good idea even so." She frowned at the next item. "I do not like the idea of flooding the entryway chamber. If contamination gets through then that only gives it a vector to spread. Nerve gas is too biologically oriented and i don't trust EMP either. Conclusion is that once things get through there is no good clean option for containment."
"Thought as much," He made tapping motions at the air in front of him and was rewarded with a monitor next to the AI's image flicking to display the front door to his home. More precisely the normal looking two story home that was the entryway to his underground complex. "Ah delivery here." He punched up the front door's monitor and speakers. "If you would please leave any and all packages on the front step and sign the screen to the right of the door with the included pen... thank you. Money's in the sl- groovy. I'll be up in a bit to pick it up. Thanks for coming out so fast."
"Strange." The AI mused, "They tend to react badly to not having a warm body around. I'll send Phil and Bob out."
"Sara I'd rather get this one myself."
The image stopped, as in went to a still frame, before blinking. "As you say. I'll keep an ear out"
Julian headed for the door, "Yell if anything pops up, be back in a few." 
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