Strange Coffee: Burnination

Lessee here. NaNoWriMo pretty much means quantity over quality and since my mind is burned out anyway let's have a little fun by throwing every single one of my characters in a blender and seeing what pops out m'kay?

"Ready?" Huge robot, menacing and built for war looked down at his companion. His tone was neutral and expression as blank s one would expect from a machine built for war, but deep in the silicon and crystalline matrices that made up his mind he had the approximation of fear.

His companion, slender athletic dark skinned woman, had a grim look on her face as she hefted her home-made flamethrower. "As I'll ever be." She then started crouch-walking into a dark ill-lit tunnel cut into the side of a stone quarry pit. As she advanced she pulled an antique looking rubber gas mask over her head. In spite of the darkly tinted lenses and the material covering her ears she felt confident in her senses.

The passage was narrow and cramped. It also had no branching paths, side rooms, overhangs, holes, or things that would make it easy for someone to sneak up behind her. Between this linear nature and having Forben outside to smish anything that wanted to try the door the woman felt at ease while running. Time was short and what was up ahead was going to be unpleasant.

Nor was her suspicion unrewarded. When the narrow tunnel opened up it was into a room that looked like it borrowed from every classic, cheesey, and overdone evil cult. Rough unworked stone walls? Check. Black candles? Check. Huge stone alter to dark and terrible Gods with human sacrifice in process? Huge check.

Elizabeth looked again. Was the girl alive? Check.

Nobody seemed to notice her, not yet. She wasn't being particularly stealthy and sixty pounds of gear does not quiet make. However with the chanting and all eyes locked on the alter and the swirling black mists forming behind the guy with the knife it was a safe bet nobody was paying any attention whatsoever.

Great, nobody was aware of her, yet her one crowd control weapon would barbecue the terrified girl-child too. Granted in the greater scheme of thigns one deat hverses the hundreds, possibly thousands, caused by summoning something from the deep should cause her to pull the trigger anyway, but there had to be another way. Elizabeth swore under her breath but lowered the nossel of her weapon before reaching for her axe.

It was a heavy thing, based partly on an old firefighter's model, but modified to suit her aesthetics and style. Sure that didn't normally include throwing the thing, but one used what one had. Knife and axe both raised. The girl's eyes, Elixabeth saw them, saw the fear and hopelessness in them.

The axe flew. The knife fell. A dozen black robed pissed off cultists that had just enough talent to be a danger were suddenly aware of two things. First that the alter boy had the rear spike of a very large axe sticking out of his forehead and that there was somebody standing in the doorway to the chamber pointing the business end of a flamethrower at them.

In Nomine Dei.

She squeezed the trigger, which might have once been part of a gasoline pump, "BURN IN HELL!" A lance of flame shot forward, catching the nearest unfortunates alight in a matter of moments. Even with their comrades dying and this woman bringing burning vengeance and Judgment unto them they rushed her. Fires catching those soon extinguished on their own. The energy being redirected into dark mists expanding outward from the onrushing cultists.

Her retreat was calm and methodical. She'd known they wouldn't bother with silly things like combustibility or fear once their defenses were raised. Still, fire is a thing that even wielders of Entropy cannot ignore totally. Faces seared, robes smoldered even if they would not catch. Her job wasn't to kill them all outright, even if that would have been preferable.

This wasn’t a suicidal rush.

Once she managed to back outside, just as the last fumes in her tank gave out Forben made it clear that this was a trap, and those that had followed her had fallen for it. Even as the fighting between magic and technology reached an inevitable messy end others, people with medical training, rushed in to pull the girl as well as any other prisoners, free and do what could be done on that count.

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