Strange Coffee: Sea of Grey

Not sure how long I'll keep using scribefire, but it's giving me what I need right now. That being a bit of momentum to continue from. Bit a pain in the neck to have to go back and edit posts for formatting purposes.

George, who's real name was Gregoire Von somethingorother, was stuck in the middle of nowhere. By that I don't mean he was lost with no signs of civilization nearby. I mean he was literally in the middle of nothingness. He looked around, all directions, and saw a uniform void of grey soft light all around him. He wasn't sure if his attempts at moving worked or not, what without the lack of refference points or sensation of going anywhere.

So he spoke.

"am I dead? I realize tha'ts kindof silly to ask but considering I was told by several fairly reliable persons I couldn't die and my own views on the hearafter being somewhat muddied an answer would be appreciated. I mean-" And on and on he babbled.

"You are not dead." Gorge turned, or at least he thought he did, to try identifying the source of the voice and found he couldn't. "Be at ease." Gender neutral soft voice, though it probably leaned a bit ot the feminine.
Obvious question is somewhat obvious. "Who are you?"

"Let's just say I've been here a very long time George." Patient tone, slight direction to the voice now. "Yes that's right. come closer. You're no good to anybody floating in Void."

George frowned. Even though he felt no sensation of movement the voice's location changed, nearing ever so slightly as he walked towards it."So I'm not dead. Means I'm what, stuck in my own head?"

No response.

"Simplest explanation. Usually getting stuck in a simulated reality tends to make you think you're stuck in some parallel world so you're kept mentally active and unable to figure out what's really going on."

Time passed and the voice spoke again, this time from seemingly right in front of him. "Thank you. Now," An outline formed a little ahead of him and slowly resolved into a door. "Before you walk through I want to  stop and ask yourself what I'm taking you back to, and if you feel you're ready.

He thought for a moment, considering these words. What had he been doing before he wound up here?

What were you doing?
What was goingon?
What did you see?

Eyes went wide, pain flared in and around his skull. Memory.
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