Sundered Heavens: Foundations

Earth, 1 GR
The exodus from Earth into the great sea of the stars marked the beginning of the Galactic Reckoning calendar. Plumes of plasma fire lifted skyscrapers first into orbit, then outwards in all directions to fill the Solar system. Then came the breakthrough that generations of starry-eyed men and women had waited for: an engine capable of bridging the void between stars.

The Einstein-Rosen drive made it possible to create stable wormholes between two points in spacetime, short-circuiting the light-speed barrier. A second great wave of ships spread out in all directions from Sol, the cloud of unmanned survey ships showing man things new sights and places. The frontiers expanded, growing ever outwards. As the colonies grew and joined Earth in becoming interstellar beacons of civilization, the gate complexes were built so that even the smaller ships could travel between the gulf between stars.

Strife followed man into the stars, battles fought over the most valuable of things in the new colonial era- water. Those things we held precious in older times, gold and diamonds, hardly mattered when one needed water for drink, fuel, and farms. Even when we began harvesting the gas giants for the basic elements necessary for water, we still waged war.

They were collectively called the Ideological Wars, fought not for land or resources, but purely because of differences in philosophy. Within the expanding sphere of Human space, different philosophies, new and old, could find the room to flourish and become sustaining cultures in their own right. As with old Earth, these new factions found excuses and reasons to call for the extermination of another.

The greatest of these conflicts was between the Transhumanists and Post-Humanists. Crossing other philosophical lines, the Transhumanists and Post-Humanists disagreed over the future of humankind. Man, said the Transhumanists, should become one with his tools, blurring the line between his machines and his self. Man, said the Post-Humanists, should strive for perfecting his physical and spiritual self, to become something greater. The conflict was not an overt one, resembling the Cold War of the 20th Century. Subtle power plays, sabotage, intrigue, and political maneuvers were the rule. Eventually, Promethean Medical Technologies struck the decisive blow against the Transhumanist cause, producing the Human Genome Vaccine. Immortality was no longer a mere dream, but one the Post-Humanists could deliver. With no support among the masses, the Transhumanists departed into parts unknown.

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