Sundered Heavens: Gregor's Story pt. 1

UMN Interview of Private Arnold Gregor, Prometheus Military Police, 42nd Dragoons, Charlie Squad
“First thing we know, the tattle-tale satellites went dark in the outer system. Then the meteor defense system went crazy fifteen minutes later when we spotted all these weird pods with planetfall trajectories. That’s when the brass put us on alert and we got suited up. Our orders were to begin evacuating everybody to the starships, so somebody somewhere knew a really bad shitstorm was coming.

“Me and my platoon were covering the Highway 10 into Goddard Spaceport when one of the pods crashed into the Ten-Thirteen interchange. I’d never seen a mess that fucking bad. Cars, bodies, flaming shit... everywhere. So us poor bastards in Charlie get sent down to figure out what the hell came down.

“So there’s ten of us picking our way down there in bog-standard military aegis. Horrible man. I ain’t going to sleep right ever again. None of us had ever seen that much death; the most we ever had to deal with before was vehicle collisions. We heard Simmons puke his guts out all over his cockpit over the squad comms. None of us complained about that stale-ass life support air since it was keeping out the dead smell. I didn’t sign up for this shit, none of us did. It was just a part-time job to help pay the bills. You know, to keep the family happy..."

[Footage cut due to emotional breakdown.]

“Smoke was thick as shit near the crater, we had to switch to virtual and rely on sensors. We were spreading out to get a good picture of what was in the crater when Rayzac bought it. He was saying something was moving and then we heard thunder and saw a temperature spike. Rayzac’s aegis was down and smoking. I don’t want to think about what he looked like inside the cockpit...

“Charlie squad started firing at the things coming out of the smoke. Stuff out of my nightmares. You know, the kind of things out of the movies that teens watch because it scares ‘em silly. I swear to God the things were as big as an aegis and... alive. They were throwing lightning!”
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