Sundered Heavens: Music

Every psion has something that manifests when they use their psionic abilities, affecting the senses somehow. Anderson's psionic powers tend to have celestial music manifest when in use. I mean more like crystal tones, borrowing heavily from the idea of 'music of the spheres'. That said, the scene where Simon faces down the mechanical worm was written to a very definite musical tune: Hanging by Craig Armstrong. Although I haven't written it yet, the scene where Simon destroys said worm was dreamt up to the other half of Hanging: Escape, also by Craig Armstrong.

If you haven't noticed by now, music plays a huge role in my creative processes.

There are other songs that play a definite role in how the story will be written, including: Agnus Dei (composed by Samuel Barber), Suicide Mission (from the Mass Effect 2 sound track), Arise (by E.S. Posthumus), Blue (from the Cowboy Bebop sound track) and Marooned (by Pink Floyd). These songs are not necessarily in the order that the story will flow either.

Music for the existing bits include Signs of Life (another by Pink Floyd), and Hanging/Escape. Let's see if the clever readers can piece together what music goes to what story bits.
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