Sundered Heavens: The Myth of Simon Anderson

To dispel the idea that Anderson is some kind of Gary Stu, let me demonstrate that even the people in the same universe as him can't quite believe he was a real person. To be perfectly blunt, Anderson is not really a character so much as the manifestation of a particular archetype. The people around him are probably going to be much more 'real' than Anderson ever could be. Anderson's physical features are deliberately left undescribed because of his archetype status- the reader is meant to form his/her own vision of the hero.

Excerpts from ‘The Myth of Simon Anderson’, by Zachary William Bryant IX, circa 752 GR.

“Simon Anderson was clearly never a real person, merely propaganda invented by the Terran Concordat and dying Prometheus Group to buoy the morale of the teeming masses. It was the beginning of the worst days of humanity- the Transmodal War that continues to this very day. The Prometheus system had been wiped out and the First Battle of Sol had happened, the two worst disasters to happen to mankind since...”

“... examination of the histories, Anderson shares far too many characteristics with the classical Greek hero model to be real. The nigh-invulnerability of Achilles, the unending endurance of Heracles, and the ultimate destiny of Odyssyeus. Deeds are attributed to Simon Anderson that he could have never possible been present for. We even see elements of Arthurian myth in the belief that one day Anderson will return when he is needed most. It is the most absurd belief in an era where rationality and reason has won out over hokum spirituality...”

“... One of the patently ridiculous deeds attributed to Anderson is surviving re-entry with only a powered exoskeleton while dragging a biot infiltrator down with him. As potent as psions are, none of them are even remotely capable of such a feat. Perhaps the histories are true and the psions of the past were much more capable than today’s, but even allowing for the most extreme disparities in ability, surviving freefall is not possible...”

“... probably was a real person, though not nearly the demi-god the histories and myths make him out to be. He did not come from nowhere, Anderson must have had a history prior to the Pandora Incident that marked the opening stages of the Transmodal War...”

Angels, demons, gods, monsters, saints, heroes, villains, devils...

We psions have been called all of those and more because we possess power beyond the ken of ordinary men. The scientists who created us tell us we manipulate probability until the chances of what we want to happen becomes a certainty. We were made to protect humanity from the terrible things the Promethean scientists knew were lurking in deep space just beyond the frontier. Even though my kind have fallen far in the years since my life, for every member of the original three hundred thousand psions there now exists ten million more to take up the role of protectors of man and soldiers against the enemy. But when the Transmodals came to Prometheus, there were only three hundred active psions, including me.

My name is Simon Anderson, and this is my story.

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