Sundered Heavens: Unyielding pt 2

Another rough draft of Sundered Heavens material. This is a direct continuation of Simon Anderson: Unyielding.

Simon felt himself flung violently forward towards the worm, the heads-up display of his helmet flickering in the intense white light of the psionic aura that manifested around him. He could hear the universe singing to him as he slammed shoulder-first into the mechanical monster, accompanied by the squeals of ripping metal and brilliant showers of sparks. Molten agony poured through his injured body as Anderson ripped through the innards of the beast instinctively, no longer sure he was consciously controlling his power or body. He would swing his fist and cavernous chunks were blown out of the worm. The warning messages from his amp suit tried to drown out the celestial music that filled his mind and ears, but Anderson could only understand that he was at the center of his own personal hurricane using the awesome power of the internal storm to destroy the immediate threat.

He watched himself find a man-sized metallic sphere suspended in a nest of wires deep within the labyrinthine depths of the thing's inorganic guts as it thrashed violently in what appeared to be pain. He saw Simon Anderson, with an impossibly serene expression on his face, wrench the sphere free of all the cables and wiring connecting it to the machine, and crush it, knowing it was some kind of ultra-dense crystalline alloy. He knew that he was really using his mind to weaken the bonds between the atoms, turning it to dust with his mind. He staggered out of a hole he’d made in the worm, exhausted and filled with a deep-seated pain all over. He managed to make it a few difficult feet from the carcass, then the world darkened, turning shades of gray, and Simon fell to the ground.

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