Useless not so Useless

Trying to get a little something done before I turn in for the night.

Everyone called her Glass Jo. She couldn't ever get in a fight. Never. Even though she was strong and fit she couldn't lay a hand on anyone. Why? She felt their hurt. Oh but that's just being too much of a bleeding heart. You might say.

Nay. I na world where men can deflect bullets. Flip Cars. Transform into werebeasts it shouldn't' be that surprising \that someone would develop extreme empathy. The problem is Empathy is just another way of saying you feel what another feels. No not really but more or less.

Try going through your whole life having to shut out pain that isn't even yours. Not just physical pain but emotional hurt too.

Still... one day, when her younger brother went missing, she found a way to put this burden to work. She knew him. She raised him, had felt his hurts and suffering most of her life. Now he was missing, yet she could still feel him. Could feel where the hurt was coming from.

As The search party got closer she got worse. He was alive, but in a bad way, and by the time they pulled him out of the sinkhole she was almost as bad. The mind makes injuries real if it works hard enough at them, and his were bad.

But even with the hurt and pain and need to medicate and go through therapy she had found a way to help other people and be more than an invalid.

Her name is Joline Sutherlan, and i'm not sure if i could do what she had done were I in that position.
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