Valkyrie: ...and suddenly Ninjas are trying to kill you!

This is the part i had trouble with. How to get Sam into the swing of things without immediately going into the big Bad Evil Plot I have. This mostly to show she does other stuff, and as a way to show her and the armor needling at eachother, which i don't think they'd do if Everything was on the line.

Thing that same lamented most was that the comics never seemed to mention how uncomfortable things could get while waiting for things to happen. Here she was 'browsing' Dresden Motor, an upscale vintage car lot waiting for ninjas to show up. She snorted at the idea for the upteenth time.
This was Sam's first solo case. A car dealer specializing in older but sought after models; Old-style Beetles, Muscle cars, and they even had a Rolls Royce silver Wraith on display. Admittedly it's a very specialized market but the place had been in business for the better part of a decade so it was likely they had some idea of what they were doing.
The current situation started when 'Ninja Automotive' opened a franchise nearby. On the surface they had little in common except both places dealt in cars. Dresden focused on sought after, but probably within the realm of attainability for your average person. Ninja Motors was your usual used car lot with a whole ninja theme going on. It was what had them succeed. You hit a panic button and black clad people seemed to jump out of the shadows and fix your car, or fight off whoever was attacking you, or give you directions... all for a reasonable pricing scheme.
All well and good, capitalism at work and such. Trouble is two mornings prior Sam got a call about a man clad head to foot in black delivering a scroll stating that if the fine folk of Dresden Motor did not pay on their 'protection' dues the kind and attentive folk of Ninja Auto would not be held accountable or responsible if something were to happen. Just a friendly warning. Yea, sure. Protection racket.
First job jitters aside Sam was tired of acting like Miss Car Shopper. She'd seen at least half a dozen cars she would have done almost anything to own, but its like teasing a hungry man wit ha steak. She was still broke and no amount of window shopping \would change tha-
Hold. Sam's posture shifted as she reached inward for the point in her mind where the armor seemed joined to her. You get anything just then? She'd stowed the suit in an unused office. Close enough to be on hand, but hopefully in a place where attackers wouldn't bother going. This on the idea they would just smash up cars and maybe a few of the office's windows rather than risk hurting people.
Most of how i see the world is just through your senses. Of course i got that. Annoyed the other voice was.
Well? Sam started moving, hopefully casually, from the Jaguar she had been looking over to the VW Bus closer to the office entrance.
Don't have much to work with. Fast, whatever it was. Human, or close enough body type.
Sam nodded to herself, glancing about as if looking for a salesperson. Problem is how do I hit what moves too fast for me to see?
A chuckle bubbled from somewhere just behind her and moved as if something were pacing her. The voice in her head continued in spite of her obvious annoyance. Relax. I'm sure these guys can only keep it up only so long before they get exhausted. Their energy has to come from somewhere and with as little ambient as is around here it's gonna be from whatever they ate last.
Before Sam could think of a response her opponents struck. Several cars had their tires blown out, same cars had smashed in windows. For her part Sam tried running for the building, only to find herself on the ground bound by zip-ties. Problem!
No kidding.> More things got broke up. Black blurrs flitting here and there. Several blurrs seemed to whirl around a world war two era jeep as it fell apart.You can still do basic elemental work kid. Just like you practiced. They think you're disabled and aren't paying you any attention. Just focus on what you want and for God's sakes remember to breath while you do it.
After biting back several barbed responses that wouldn't help her situation Sam closed her eyes and took slow deep breaths. She couldn't see her targets so she instead focused on an area around her. How to make them stop long enough to get her armor and level the field? A moment later it came to her and she focused; her mind gathering forces as she focused her will to task.
"Voltos...Voltos...." Her words a bare whisper, and arguably unnecessary. However the words helped her mind focus which was what she needed.
Archs of electricity jumped from the ground to anything conductive nearby. Cars, Power Lines. ...people... In time she would be able to throw around a respectable imitation of lightning. Now, untrained and actively not wanting to hurt anyone accidentally caught in the mess, the show and sparks amounted to accidentally running into an electric fence. Painful, especially since whoever it hit would get a full body exposure, but hopefully nonlethal.
With the light show still going on she flexed her will again. This was less magic and more of what the armor did to her when it made all of her clothes not fit anymore. She wasn't superhumanly strong. She was just what her genetics would allow her to be if she had a better diet and constantly worked out. It helped that her attackers hadn't bothered putting her arms behind her back since if they had this wouldn't work at all. Breaking the ties hurt her wrists, but she was free and running.
It used to take twenty minutes or more for her to get in and out of the armor. Now all she had to do was touch it and it... flowed over her like some demented liquid. It disturbed her on many different levels, but in that moment she was too busy worrying if her prey had shaken off the tazer hit to care.
With the armor on her attackers still moved fast, but she could keep track of them. When she moved all of them stopped. Sam's movements were not entirely her own, but it was a willful letting the armor guide her rather than it dragging her limbs through the motions.
Guy's One and Two went down quick. Guy Three tried running for it, but Sam pointed, adding a bit of lead to account for how he was running, and let fly wit ha single directed arch of electricity. She calmly walked over to her target and looked down at him, first to make sure he was still breathing, then she looked closer to make sure he wasn't playing dead.
"Why are you doing this?" She lifted the man up and with a bit of rope her armor provided tied him to a phone pole.
The man shook his head.
"Have it your way." Sam spread the fingers of her right hand wide, super-chilled mist hovering between splayed fingers as she touched different places on the man. Where she touched the air around her solidified into slabs of ice. "You are going to stay put.
Having your arms and legs flash-cooled is a very painful thing. This caused the man.. no visible reaction whatsoever, which scarred Sam on several levels.
Vat clone?
Dunno. Have to- Sam grimaced when she saw the other two ninja having already fled. Bugger.
Sam sauntered up to the office door. We managed to get one of 'em. We wait for the cops to show up and haul him in then hopefully get lunch.
The man at the front desk stared at Sam, jaw slack. "That..." Oh there was electrical damage here and there. Some cars took getting zapped worse than others, but comparatively the total damage had been far less than if the 'ninja' were unopposed.
"Yes?" Sam managed a smirk. She's a hero. She's supposed to be sure of herself.
In response the man raised his phone up and took a picture. "That... is the most awesome outfit I've seen anyone wear here."
"Wait what?" Sam looked down. Think of those old 'prehistoric' movies that have a pretty girl in it. Furry Bikini more often than not. This is what Sam wore now. No shoes, no cape, nothing to hide with.
The laughter in her head lasted well after the suspect was pulled free and taken away.

"Don't you dare do that again!" Sam was so aggravated she vocalized her half of the conversation as she walked along, resolutely ignoring the fact Everyone was turning heads to stare.
Oh c'mon. You've got the body for it now. Why hide?
Sam's left hand shook as she fought to keep herself from punching something. in her current state this probably would've meant anything from a large dent in somebody's wall, to something getting snapped in half from the impact.
It's not like you have to worry about something hitting the meaty bits of you. I'm still there. I cover everything. I just... well hey you said you wanted mobility!
Twitchy Sam was Twitchy. "I. Do. Not. Want. To. Look Like. A. Slut."
Fine. Fine... Killjoy. Liquid flowed around her before solidifying into a conservative business suit. Better?
Sam considered her new look for a moment and stopped to look in a car mirror so she could fix her hair. "Actually yes. Maybe the suit's a little overkill, but It'll give me a chance to look nicer than my sister for a change."
See? Told you I could make you look good in anything.
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