Valkyrie: Change in Venue

Quickie before i go get the horses and bar nand such taken care of. Trying to get as much of this done while I have home and quiet working for me rather than splitting attention and being on nerves.

While it wasn't by a comfortable margain she would survive, at least for awhile and if she avoided impulse, without having to move back in with family. Even so she was starting to get mildly depressed. Nothing on finding a new job, not even temp work or day labor. Friends had noticed her withdrawl but until now none had act.
Doorbell. Sam glowered at it from her couch. Doorbell. She threw a pillow at it. "Go away!"
Instead of going away whoever was on the other side of the door spoke. "Sam hey open up, food's here."
She sighed, "Fine. but ask me to act all sunshine and flowers and I keep the food, shove you out the bedroom window."
Door opens, David Fawkes, man that had also stopped working Duncan's when Tim had gotten promoted. In one hand he had several dvd cases. In the other he had a takeout bag from PaPa Mike's. Local italian place, which also happened to be family owned.
"David..." Sam frowned at the bag but let him through.
After setting the bag down and movies on Sam's coffee table he looked to her and shook his head. "I couldn't get them to hire anyone else. Sorry."
Ouch, That had been one of her fallback plans, see if she could get table work there. "S'alright. Didn't have to come by just to tell me that though."
"It's a bad thing to want to stop and see how a friend's doing when they're down and out?" David held up a hand to cut her off. "Me and Jon're going fishing this weekend, want you to come along."
"I really couldn't-" She began but was silenced.
"You won't be in the way, really." David smiled at her, "Just three friends fishing. No stress, no telemarketers, no internet."
that last one hit her like a ton of bricks. No internet? Sam was one of those that had grown up in a web enabled society where internet access was expected and normal. "I... I..." No Twitter. No Apps. Pupils contracted to pinpricks as she tried to get the concept through her head. "What do you expect me to do?" Small scared voice.
He squeezed her shoulder, "I expect you to talk, relax, unplug awhile. Plenty of trails, lots of stuff to see. Figure the change in scenery will do you good."
"but..." Sam's mind thought it over with itself and decided she needed a time away from it all. "OK what do I need to bring?"
"Attagirl." And together they got her packed and ready. She was to leave with them and stay gone for a weekend. That was the plan and that is what she had told her family in case she needed ot be gotten hold of in a hurry.

Of course it took hours to get there, and Sam hadn't ever been that big a car person. So she was bored even before they got there. Natural wonder and beauty could only capture her attention for so long on the way and then she just got grumpy.
"Well would you look at that, Jon said after a relative Aeon had passed.
"At What? Sam was irritable and tired.
"We're here." He helped her out and she saw it. Rustic but thoroughly modern touched cabin with its own little outbuilding for horses, a covered area to park. An apparently well used firepit. David handed her her bag. "Welcome to Serenity Bay."

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