Valkyrie: Dream Warrior

I realize it's been a few days, and I apologize. Trying to work on a 'as it's done' basis was a huge mistake, especially given that a regular schedule seemed to actually be working. I'm just going to have to write lots to make up for lost time.

    It was a long trip home, so Sam, tired as she was, slept most of the way. It wasn't particularly late and neither of her companions were tired. Just something about the day that made her not able to keep her eyes open. Let's go see what's going on in her head shall we?
    They had, for some reason, decided to play hide and seek. It was silly and fun, and before Sam knew it she was horribly lost. When she turned around she slipped, fell, and slid into a sinkhole.
    Fortunately she wasn't hurt, or at least she didn't feel like she was hurt. For some reason even though it was dark and all she had for light was her phone she looked around. Large open space, hole where she fell in, and no obvious way to get back up without help outside. So she did what any sensible person would do. She screamed, loud, and lots. She kept screaming for what felt like forever but nobody seemed to hear her.
    To keep her mind busy and away from being stark raving terrified she slowly started looking around, promising herself she wouldn't stray far. This hole, it seemed, connected to a cave. After all, in her mind at least, weren't caves just really big hollow places in rock? The back of her mind gibbered uncontrollably at how bad an idea this was, but she reasoned maybe there was something down here she could use. Maybe pile up enough loose stone to get back to the surface.
    Later, a minute or hour she couldn't be sure anymore, Sam started seeing light down one of the narrow twisty passageways leading away from the hole she fell in from. It was faint and a warm yellow, but steady so it couldn't be fire. "Hello?" Unsure voice. "There was a sinkhole. I need help getting back to my friends." No answer. She slowly inched to the light's source, hoping this wasn't some hermit's hole and its owner waiting just around the corner with a shotgun aimed at her head.
    Instead she saw another largish room. It was squared, so had to be artificial. It was also plain, Glo-Balls at the corners providing light. Curious she walked up to the raised bit in the middle of the room and nudged what she saw there.
    A suit, cloth covered and matte black like police riot armor. It had velcro places for different patches and insignia, but no marks hinting at who left it here, or why. After all who leaves a suit of six or seven hundred dollar riot gear arranged in a cave in the middle of nowhere? Sam slowly poked through its many pockets and was surprised and satisfied to find a length of rope along with a grapple mixed in. Way out, apparently, found.
    She couldn't just leave the suit though could she? Middle of nowhere. No. It wasn't hers, someone had obviously arranged i- She stopped arguing with herself and looked again. Ascent assist wench. Well she was certainly in no shape to clime up on her own, so that settled that argument. She just had to figure out how the thing went on.
    As it turns out the suit was surprisingly comfortable, almost as if it were cradling her. She smiled. It'd been awhile since she'd found something this supportive yet nonrestrictive. No wonder these things cost so much. Sam chuckled as she twirled the grapple and underhand-tossed it up through the hole before pulling twice, like everyone in the movies does, to make sure whatever it was latched onto wasn't going to tear away.
    "Going UuuuuuAAAAAAHHHCK!" Seems that attempting a controlled ascent when you neither h ave an instruction manual nor instructor is a bad idea. Sam zipped up and out before she'd realized holding the ascent button down wasn't going to give her a slow and graceful exit.
    Once she'd gotten back to her feet and her wits more or less about her Sam started shouting again. Where was the? She turned and nodded to herself, feeling extraordinarily good about the direction she'd picked, Ah there you are! She waved cheerfully at Jon, who looked somewhere between grateful and worried as soon as realization dawned..
    That's when they showed up. AT first Sam thought she was hallucinating or she'd hit her head on something on the way out of the sinkhole, but when Jon started screaming at the things swarming him she realized they were real.
    Imagine a lizard. Make it two feet tall. Give it floppy bat-wing ears. Too large slit-pupil eyes, wasted, almost emaciated looking, bodies, and long slender limbs each tipped with long slightly curved claws. Dozens of these things seemed to spring out of every shadow in the area to attack.
    Jon did remarkably well, all things considered. After shaking the two off that had jumped him his weekly self-defense courses started taking over. Granted most traditional martial arts (or any fighting style for that matter) wouldn't have little tiny lizard men on the list of top threats one is likely to encounter, but it was better than screaming and panicking.
    Sam drew a ridiculously large pistol and started firing. While her motions were deliberate and aim careful she looked confused and more than a little frightened. She would've sworn on a stack of holy books of your choosing that there weren't any weapons in with the gear she'd found. She also didn't have any training with guns whatsoever and the only fights she's been involved in were the ones where she ran away crying in middle school.
    "David!" Sam called, fear and panic clear in her voice. "David where are you?" Anything that got close to her that wasn’t human got dead; no questions asked. It would only strike her odd later that her pistol never ran out during the whole engagement, but that would only come later. In that moment she just fired, and kept firing. These things, whatever they were, were attacking for no good reason she could find and David was still missing.
    When she found David he was twirling and moving through a thick crowd of the creatures as if he were made of smoke. For a moment Sam stopped and stared wide eyed at this. She'd always known her friend capable in a fight if need be, and had always kept himself in shape, but while Jon had managed to hold his own against five or six of these critters and whatever was keeping her from curling in a ball had allowed her to carve a path through David looked like he was on the practice mats calm as you please and almost enjoying himself. Glory be. "David!"
    His head turned and nodded at her, but he never stopped. The gun was put away and a pair of police batons, some would call them tonfa since that’s what they were derived from, but whatever. Sam's new found skills allowed her to join David's impromptu kata and matched him with ease.  Her mind wasn't even really focusing on the moves, but then again where had she learned how to do this? As she backhanded one of the creatures away she thought she could see more rushing in at them. Are they after me? She wanted to panic, flee, cry in terror, or anything; yet whatever was guiding her movements wouldn't let her do anything but fight.
    "It's me they're after. I'll draw them off. Get the car." David didn't have time to acknowledge her before she bound away, batons discarded in favor of hand to creature fighting. Each strike sending arcs, as the creatures were each flying into power lines whenever she struck them.
    "Foul parasites!" She snarled as she fought. "Using innocent people to make my host give in to despair." Sam's voice, but she wasn't the one talking. "Get back to whatever rock you crawled out from." Arcs of electricity played across her suit now, growing with each passing moment. There were no words, just her screaming. Lightning struck her enemies, even when they were near metal, or other animals the lightning hit them, and only them. Sam raised her arms high, bathed in a pale light as the lizard-creatures fled; those still alive screaming in agony and limping away.
    "I..." She sunk to her knees, unsure of what just happened. She was tired, exhausted even. "Owe." Somewhere in the distance she heard a car horn.
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