Valkyrie: Job Loss

I have to take my opportunities for writing where and when I can. Due to my wishing to avoid burnout I'm switching up to a different story. Don't worry, won't leave a huge thread hanging right at the beginning. What kind of person do you people take me for anyway.

Disclaimer: I'm still not sure on when this takes place vs my other projects.
Sorry it's taken so long to get this one going Mike. Hope you like it!

Yes i'm shamelessly stealing from the Masters of the Universe Ascension scene. Bite me, it's fair use.

Let's see. Story Story...

We have a Girl. Her name is Sam. She's, well I'm not sure how old she is except that she's old enough to get into College, but not past her mid twenties. She also is working at Duncan's Delivery, a pizza chain specializing in 'gourmet' variations on the standard tomato, dough, cheese, meat combo. Let's go with that. Ya. Works for me. What about Sam herself? Not ugly, just rather plain looking, thin, probably got teased more than a bit by the more popular kids, felt somewhat isolated, got made to feel that any positive attention was hiding a jab somewhere. Something like that eats at a person, eats at 'em bad.

"Samantha Wyld." Door to the store manager's office swung shut behind Sam. Cramped room but showed signs of someone who was supposed to be running things. "Sit, please."

Sam did as the man, Tim, asked and looked at the clipped sheets of papers in his hands. To be polite the two of them had never gotten along. To be honest they actually hated each-other a great deal. Tim's nice act instantly put Sam on guard, something was up.

Later she would claim she couldn't remember what happened save for the bare details. She was fired. Tim had no real reason for the firing, not if anyone else was interviewed to check with his 'facts' about her standoffishness, repeated lateness, and a whole laundry list of things. Oh sure she wasn’t the most agreeable person, but the way he had painted it she was some kind of pathological monster that would tear the heart out of their little franchise.

Later she would cry, it had been her first job and she'd gotten given the boot because of somebody that felt she was too much a threat to them. Now was not the time for that. Now was time for putting legal things into motion, making sure she had money to cover rent and utilities for a time, and in short she didn't have time to pity herself. All that inside of the first few days. It would take time for the wheels of Law to turn and she wasn’t that optimistic anyhow, so she started putting several dozen of her painted Mutants and Madmen figures on ebay. That would take time too, but she had several rares, and several dozen in the different forum she'd bounced around claimed interest even without her recounting her sob story.

She's done everything she could, she's looking for a new job even though the economy wasn't all that great and hiring was scarce. So, Sam wondered, Why am I still getting that same bloody nightmare?

Tim was there. She was there. The office had changed to a throne room and Tim was holding a staff. Sam was in chains, forced to watch as Tim, draped in black robes, glowered at her. He spoke above her rather than at her. "People of Duncan Delivery! Effective as of this morning I have been Chosen, by Destiny to receive full and unlimited power to do whatever I wish with this company. This inevitable moment will transpire before your very eyes even as Miss Wyld bears whitness.."

The computer, in dream form somehow fused to the arm of Tim's throne, beeped. "You Have Mail."

"I, Thomas Lancer, am Manager of this Franchise." A look of sublime pleasure crossed his face even as Sam's chains tightened.

"YES!" Golden light seeped from the the thrown and snaked around Tim as if cradling him. "I feel it." The light gripped him, growing more intense. "The power... Fills me." He convulsed, a look of pure extacy on his face. "I feel the Universe within me." Another convulsion and he threw his head back, "I am... I am a part of the Cosmos. The power flows..." He raised his hands to his head, lightning, or something very much like it crackling between his fingertips and his face. "It flows Through me!"

Baleful eyes, glassy unfocus of pleasure fading, being replaced by rage as he looked at Sam. "Of what consequence are you now? This building? These people mean nothing to me now!"

Sam's eyes rolled, "Then why bother with chase at all?" She was beaten and bloodied, but by whatever sick twisted forces out there she would not let him break her.

"The Company's Power!" Tim shouted, raving and probably mad now he likely didn't hear her. "Pure unstoppable Power, and... and I am that Force! I am that Power!" His voice rose to something between a shriek and a roar. "KNEEL BEFORE YOUR MASTER!"

Sam spat at him.

"Fool!" The light pulsed bright almost as if it were his heartbeat. "You are nolonger my equal." His features slowly begain to fill out, flab burning away to show angular planes and a bodybuilder's tone for body. "I am more than Man!" The light grew brighter still, "More than Life!" His head rocked, eyes again unfocusing "I. Am. A. GOD!"

Bright, painfully bright did the light shine. Sam couldn't stand it, stumbled when she couldn't raise her arms to shield her face. She could if she kneeled, but never that. Never would she even appear to grovel in frotn of him.

Finally, a moment or milinia later, the light faded. Thomas Lancer was clad head to foot in robes and armor made of solid gold. "Now." His eyes flashed as he focused on her. "You... will KNEEEL!" Light slammed into her., knocking her back, only the chains keeping her from falling. She recovered her footing after a moment, daring him to do his worst.

"KNEEEEL!" more light, this times the chains creeking from the strain. It wasn't a single pulse of force. Instead it was a stream of pain, and anger, and raw Will being flung at her. Chains snapped, Sam thrown bodily through the building and into the street. Ragged, bloodied, but unbowed.

The dream would sometimes end there, sometimes with scavengers finishing her off. Other times she would slink away on her own, but no matter how hard she tried Sam couldn't get the basic shape to change.

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