Valkyrie: Movie Moments

The trouble with me writing what's going to be a magic girl/magical armor story... I'm not exactly the world's biggest fan of the genre. So I'm holding off on the mystical magical mumbojumbo while i do some character building.

At some point between when her companions had left and when they came back Sam was looking at herself in the mirror. "Stop whining. Whining doesn't help. Doesn't solve anything. It only ruins makeup and makes you look like a wangst." She repeated that several more times before she cleaned herself off and gathered a few things. If they could go walk, so would she.
The day was nice, after all, so why not? It had taken considerable effort of will to not just borrow David's truck and head into town for awhile, but she managed it and instead took a light lunch and a camera. Her plan, if she even realized it, wasn't really to take pictures. Instead it was to just go do something different; which was the whole point of being out here in the first place.
Somewhere along the way she'd noticed one of the park's staffers following her around. At least, when she thought about it, she was telling herself said person was supposed to be there and that any ideas she had that they were stalking her only letting her get glimpses here and there just so she'd know she was being followed was bordering on paranoia.
Think about it. If someone were after me, She reasoned with herself in as calm a tone as she could, They would try acting like my best friend in the world, or try acting hurt to get me to let my guard down instead of getting my hairs on end by following me around. Her mind wanted to whisper that could be the behavior her stalker wanted to exploit, but she then told her mind to stop chasing its own tail. Naturally though once the idea had gotten in her head she couldn't let it shake free.
Going back to their cabin was out. Maybe her stalker didn't know where to find her, and she didn't want to correct that oversight for them. ...whoever they were. Off to somewhere public, I.E. the park's main activity building cluster. This happened to be a half hour's walk for her, and in that time she'd almost managed to talk herself into believing there was no stalker, just her overactive imagination.
"Excuse me miss." Tall dark skinned woman right behind her. Sam jumped at the voice, spun and stared. It was... her face. Darker skin and the hair was longer, but it was a dead ringer for the face that stared back at her from the mirror.
Sam stared at the speaker for several moments, not realizing she had taken a camera that'd been offered. "You dropped this. I was trying to get ti back to you but you wouldn't quit walking."
Click. "So that's why you were stalking me?"
Other woman got slightly offended by this. "Stalking?" Her eyes narrowed. "What made you think I was stalking you?"
Sam's turn to get irritated. "Oh I dunno, the fact you never tried calling me over and you kept just out of sight might have been a little confusing to me. Didn't think normal people trying to get someone's attention would try being so quiet."
Mirror-lady frowned but her expression remained neutral. "Well you have your camera back so g'bye." She started walking away and paused before turning, "Those two guys you're with. You might want to head back home before they start to worry."
Sam tried to say something but couldn't, not before the woman had finished walking away. Even then all she could manage were incoherent curses and half-cut off ramblings. This was the state she was in even when she managed to get back to her cabin, empty, but something had made her think something was off.
Maybe it had been the whole 'i met a race-lift clone' encounter. Could just be residual feeling out of sorts, but something felt wrong. No dramatic differences, no unpleasant surprises.  Something just felt... Off about everything.
Her reaction was perhaps typical. Sam loaded down with as much junk food as she could find and popped a movie in.
Not two minutes after getting comfortably drowsy did the front door open. This caused Sam to spring to her feet, walking stick raised as a club, and her eyes wide with terror.
"Whoa girl." Jon held his hands where she could see 'em. "What happened here someone try breaking in?" Concern in his voice.
Sam shook her head and let the carved stick drop to the ground. "I..." She shook her head before curling back up on the couch. "It's nothing."
"Bull butter it isn't." Jon set his pack aside and sat on the other side of the couch while David was getting his boots off. "What happened?"
"I.. must've left my camera laying around and someone scared the daylights out of me when they tried giving it back s'all."
David flopped into one of the two recliners in the room. "Nothing to laugh at. First time you've really been out this way and we'd left you alone." He looked from Sam to the TV. "Space Saurians from Epsilon V?" he raised an eyebrow. "Really. I would've thought you'd at least go for one of the classics."
Sam sputtered at this. "Oh c'mon it's good fun campy movie making."
"Just like the Terror from The Beyond Octrilogy?"
Sam huffed at this and threw a pillow at him. "Critical panning does not a failure make Mister Society of Tripod Hunters.
At this ongoing exchange Jon buried his head in both hands. "You two are nuts."
"Maybe!" Sam and David both chirped before Sam leaned forward to put something else in.
David and Jon both smiled at her selection. "There we go." Puzzlemaster And there you go. Three friends, movie, anxiety and fear eased. As the omniscient narrator of this story I actually feel somewhat sorry for what's going to happen next.

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