Christmas Traditions

Wednesday I talked about our apparently hardwired dissatisfaction with what we have no matter if we're surviving by the skin of our teeth or are dissatisfied with some tweak in the game of your choice. Oh it's not all boo hoo and bawwing. There are plenty of folk out there happy with their lot in life and I envy them for that.

Still, if one is lucky in having family (or any other group of people that can act as a surrogate) close enough to have on hand and can stand to be around that beats any gizmo, widget, iWhatever, or other material gain. Doesn't have to be family. Friends and others you feel close to.

Maybe it's just me but relationships trump hardware. Granted I live and breath the internet as a means of buying myself space in otherwise close quarters but on those rare times i don't feel overwhelmed I enjoy that close gathering.


I could cite humans being group creatures, or that being raised as i have means I"m predisposed to seek out these close ties by default, but I disagree. Evidence exists in family, friends of family, people I've known in passing that suggests they (as far as I know) all had similar upbringings that tried nurturing a set of close ties above all else; yet these people value self reliance and solitude. Incidentally this is what I've been accused of valuing more than 'together time' but that's a personal matter that won't be discussed here.

Instead let's talk about one of the better traditions of the year. Christmas Gatherings. Not sure how other families do it but for as far back as I remember we'd gather out grandfolks Christmas Eve. Missed a couple either due to visiting dad, or the crush getting too big to house and trouble the grandparents, but i definitely have rose tinted memories of the experience. With both of my grandparents on mom's side gone I had feared the tradition had ended. Instead it appears to have been passed on. Now it's my parents who are hosting their kids, families, and so on. Granted it isn't going to be nearly as large, but the torch has clearly been passed.

This development pleases me more than should be expected from anyone that knows me. me and my family are generally on different wavelengths about most things. We don't share that many interests. I have, at times, apparently a different outlook on the world. Thing is at the end of the day they're family and even those that have picked and prodded me the hardest gather in close when it really seems to matter.

Even though we go right back to snapping and sniping after. IT's those moments of unity that I hold close.
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