Chrome OS; My First Weekend

Offline useage seems to be exceedingly limited. Then again with few apps taking advantage of local storage and the ChromeOS platform being in early beta it isn't that surprising; only annoying.

Apps I would like to see that take advantage of local storage and or offline capabilities.

Photo managment: Being able to offload from camera to app then synch to whatever service said app is attached to when a connection is reestablished would be nice.

Come to think of it this capability would be nice to have in all productivity apps. Granted Google Docs is supposed to have some form of offline capability restored later, however as this is not in place yet I have to work with what's already out there.

Whole I'm offline I've been using Write Space to type this article and have a few observations. The most noticable of these is that even with 3g and wifi disabled write space lags as bad as office97 did on my uncle's 486. This could be due to m me working at extreme zoom or sloppy code. Unfortunately I find both of these explanations unacceptable given the minimal nature of what is being run and the fact this device has two gig of ram to play with.

This is not encouraging and I hope that later updates fix this problem.

Another thing I feel needs to be addressed is, even if is only temporary, some form of holding area so one can upload their MP3's music collection. listube and pandora are both good apps, but when you own music you want to listen to it, and draining batteries on two different devices just so you can listen to what you already have is a bit of a headscratcher to me.

Moving on to usability problems. I've found myself using zoom quite heavily as I have poor vision and do this anyway on desktop (when I'm not outright inflating fonts to ridiculous sizes.) Zoom is handy. Zoom is vital for me. Chrome seems to remember which sites I had at what zoom level. However zoom does not affect the non-site portions of the screen (the omnibar, menus, desktop notifications, etc.) This inability to change the size of these elements is a major failing in my eyes as it forces me to squint and get nose to screen to read what's going on.

Another irksome thing is that there is no way to tell the mouse to stop stealing focus. Very annoying given I write, lots, and often times don't look at what I'm doing and just go with what's in my head. Great and good until you realize you've got three sentences worth of material mangled and jumbled right where you parked the mouse at.

A third complaint is les about ChromeOS and more about Google Docs. I have a collection of short stories I've been whittling and writing on for an unreasonably long time. Google Docs refused to convert no matter what format I threw at it. Maybe the doc is too big to easily convert, but I don't buy that as a reason. Google, if you want me in the cloud I have to be able to easily and quickly convert everything I already have into things I can work with while my head's in the clouds.

Also browser based Minecraft does not work, which makes me sad.

Let's end things on a positive note. The hardware is snappy. General usage works well. Zoom remembers what level it was at on pages visited (could only do that for bookmarked pages though, need to test that.) Two finger clicking/scrolling takes getting used to but I'm starting to warm up to it. Click scrolling also is becoming not-foreign.

We were warned going in that things wouldn't be very smooth at times. For the most part, even though ChromeOS is in beta, it is perfectly usable for our average tasks.

This has been my first weekend with Chrome OS and the Cr-48.

Edit: I just found a Web App that handles MU*s
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