Chrome OS Pilot Program

Gonna make a youtube video explaining my request later on. Even though I feel it unlikely I'll get a test machine it's just something too exciting for me to not try. Cutting Bleeding edge. Granted my connectivity is hardly 'full time' but that's what I want to test out. Will this box be any good to somebody that can't, for whatever reason, stay online all day every day?

Google. Whoever's running the Pilot program at Google. If I'm selected I fully intend on making my ChromeOS Adventure a weekly on this blog. Surveys taken. Apps used, comparisons to Windows XP. Very thorough testing of the claimed eight hour battery life.

As a geek, especially one that normally is unrepresented due to not having full time all time connectivity I feel it partially my duty to geeks everywhere to test this out.

....that and the box the laptop comes in is awesome enough on its own to want to sign up (if the preview pictures are anything to go by.)

Flufferwuffer, Azureblaze, anybody else that reads this blog on a regular basis. I encourage all of you to also sign up to help with the testing and breaking and attempting to find how it broke process.
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