Yea wow. Just realized maybe an hour ago that I didn't have anything in buffer for today. Uh... Woops? Sorry for late update. Trying to do something more than blatant filler, plus i have a plothole or two to close up.

    Fortunately for our intrepid crew they were left alone. Most of the senior officers. Wait, check that. The entire crew was wondering why, if they had been hounded a thousand or more miles across the country they were suddenly left alone with Jack gone.
    Julian was pacing the officer's lounge when he noted Edward walk in with a large black case. As he watched Julian saw Edward pull a small tablet from this box as well as a pen. Unlike those that he were used to though these were obviously in the same sort of build as every other bit of pre-collapse era technology; rounded edges, few buttons or other tactile controls, and a screen that (in this case) projected a soft three dimensional image just above the device itself.
    He watched as Edward fiddled with this and that and realized the image projected was of the Earth. All of it. Image blurred before resolving into an overhead view of an airship over rolling hills and green countryside. Julian watched not only the doodad at work but Edward's face. Clearly what was being shown was something of importance.
    He cleared his throat before walking over. "What've you got there?" He tilted his head this way then that to get a better look at the device Edward was now hastily tucking into his shirt.
    Edward grunted and looked the other man over before answering. "What's the point in trying to play cover-up. You already know I'm from Mars." He held the slate-like device out. "Receives real time feeds from the observation satellites we have in orbit. Normally it's broadcast through to Lowell, processed, then stored for access."
    "But?" Julian raised an eyebrow.
    "But right now I"m going for a direct feed rather than wait for Mars. More immediate data, which is good, but at the same time most of it's useless and this tablet isn't exactly intended to sort through so much at any given moment, which is bad."
    Julian nodded slow, not quite sure what to say.
    Edward caught the blank look and smiled. "With any luck we'll be able to use this to find Jack. Can't promise anything since even if we do find him it'll likely be a trap just to get the rest of us. Plus we have to get out in one piece."
    Blank stare from Julian before he grinned. "You think this is the first time Jack's been a moron and let himself get caught for our sakes? Trust me. compared to last winter's raid on Raritania this looks straightforward."
    Nothing else was said for a long while. Edward had taken the tablet out and called back the last image he was viewing. "Bugger..."
    Julian squinted at the view as one airship semeed to be flying closer to a larger ship with something tiny passing between the two. "Uh... Yea any idea which ship he's one?"
    The smaller ship seemed to pick that moment to explode.
    Both men stared, slack jawed, at this.
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