Still learning how to adjust to Cloud Livin'. Going to post a review of my first week's impressions tomorrow. Hopefully that writeup will be more coherent than yesterday's overview of the weekend.

Jack watched as Yost's ship fell. Even expecting the admiral and his accompanying staff being arrested Jack couldn't have thought his captors would casually destroy the man's ship. Beyond the costs in material and construction that ship had dozens of men on board.

They had him surrounded and seemed content with letting him watch as the boarding craft had been sent back via return rocket along it's zipline. That had been minutes before. Now that the show was over and raining down as fiery debris they prodded him away from the observation windows and into the interior of the ship. He was searched and stripped even though the same had been done to him on Yost's ship, and he was left in a ten by ten cell.

"Hey." Jack stood slightly away from his cell dore when he spoke. "I guess on the bright side I could've been on the admiral's ship when you idiots torched it." He couldn't help his mouth at times like this. It was, in this instance, something he used to his advantage as he shot off one after the other about divisions in the anks, his 'good fortune' at being in thier care, and so on as he paced his cell.

Featureless, tiny window up high pointed out to the hall too small to wriggle through. Slot for food and a grated window roughly head level in the door were his only openings. Bed. Chamber pot. This was his cell. Oh that and an 'inspirational' phrase etched into the wall; 'YOU WILL DIE HERE.'

He looked this over and snorted. "Cheery. You lot out there ever think of going into the decorating business?" He had a set of tools they hadn't managed to ferret out, but I'll leave the specifics of how one goes about hiding something from a strip search unsaid.

With this done he tapped on the walls to the left and right of his cell, hoping there were other prisoners. Nothing but the random noises and chatter from the guards on that count. He frowned at this. The ship he was on was supposed to be a flying prison ship. Simplest explanation being thy'd emptied the cells to either side of him, but then again no people noises from the entire deck that couldn't be explained away by guards.

So they've emptied the entire level just for me. I'm flattered. Jack assumed a lotus position, or at least an approximation thereof and sat there on the floor of his cell. He and Yost had shared stories on the way here. So he had some inkling of what this place was like. Without knowing the daily routines this would only be helpful in the longer run.

Idly he wondered how the old Sky Devil was doing.
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