Well now. Post #200. Never thought I'd get here to be honest. I know, another late update. It's costing me audiance and credibility.

So. We have to do something super huge here. Something bigger than the little bites and pieces I've been feeding out. 

Lets see if I can get this story moving.

Edward frowned at the blue skinned woman as she went about checking her gear for the third time since he'd gotten there. Rope, knives, little twisty whippy things that fit up one sleeve, and an odd assortment of things making the different pockets of her suit bulge. Had he access to Sara and through her The Great 'Pedia he could've identified everything the woman carried and given her a set of strategies that were somewhat less suicidal than the one they had come up with.

"I still say I should go with your team." Argument he had raised ever since the crew decided on a rescue mission rather than wait for Jack to make his own escape was rearing it's head again. "We've been monitoring the Dakota's tech jump for the past five years. They're files I kept in-skull. I can be an asset!"

The woman took a breath and let go. She didn't want to be mad at the man. He was only trying to do what he thought would help. No sense in- She brushed the thought aside. "We've been over this." Words spoken while she cast about the room for some forgotten bobble she thought would be needed. "You're the closest thing we have for an expert on the mods we dropped in."

"Yes but my nodes-" Edward began but was cut off by a withering glare.

"Your notes are incomplete. You told me, back when we were loading everything up, it would take you years to put to paper everything they'd need without you." She squeezed his shoulder gently before leaving.

After a slow count to thirty Edward followed. Everyone had raised the same arguments. He was needed here. What if something happened to the new drive and he wasn't there to talk them through a shutdown? 

His mind ran through a set of calming routines. Calm waters. Gentle breezes carry the emotion snarl away. He stood there in the hall breathing deep when someone bumped into him.

"Oh hey sorry about that." Crew member, for all the civilians on ship had been left in Texas when this merry chase had started, darted away.

Slowly Edward made his way to Deets's quarters. If he were to be more useful than 'just in case' he needed to talk to the man that would lead Lady Hawk in for the grab part of their snatch and grab attempt.

"This is outrageous!" Yost snarled at the armed men that were dragging him out of his quarters. "Madness!" He struggled in spite of knowing that between the way he was held and the strength of his captors there wasn't much chance of him breaking free. "I demand to talk to Winslow. Now." Their commanding officer and technically Yost's equal, he hadn't seen the admiral since he was 'escorted' to his quarters on shuttling his prisoner over. Not that he believed he would be allowed to see more than the inside of a cell. He just wanted to make sure the motions were observed and those in charge thought him panicking and grasping for straws.

Nor was his assessment of how things would be conflict with reality. They tossed him in a cell and seemed to promptly ignore any amount of noise from inside once the door was closed. 

He waited what felt like hours before shucking his uniform jacket and pulling different and minute things from the sleeves, inner lining, anywhere he could secret some wire or tool. He hadn't lied to Jack when he told the man he wasn't unfamiliar with confinement. Granted every other time was by enemy nations. He paused in his inspection of the cell's door to laugh bitterly at the idea. He was being confined by an enemy alright. One he had given his life in service to.

Time passed and he had managed to find that he could get the door unlocked. It would just take someone lax enough to not notice him sliding a tool around blindly till he found the lock, fumble more till it was unlocked, and never notice the door swinging open. 

"Son." He addressed the guard. "What crime am I being charged with?"

"Dereliction of duty. High treason. Conspiracy to overthrow the Foundation." Hard voice, However he had heard slight tremors in the words. 

"What do you think?"

The guard was quiet for a long time. Then, "My orders are clear Sir. Any caught speaking with you will also be charged with conspiracy and dishonorably discharged at the least, firing squad seems more plausible."

This made Yost laugh a little. "Nah. If this madness has gone on that far then they'll just throw you overboard. Why waste bullets? I want you to ask yourself this. I was willing to let a ship full of people go after overseeing the return of State property. For my trouble I've been arrested and my crew blown out of the sky by our own people."

Door opened. Six very large men rushed in. Yost stood no chance so let them come. They grabbed him. Hauled him to the ground. Then right as the beatings were supposed to start he felt hot breath tickle his ear. "We're with you sir, but we have to make this look good. Shift change, ten minutes. The other prisoner is in the cell beside yours. I'm sorry."

Then the beating started. It wasn't indiscriminate and even as Yost was bruised and bloodied he admired how little harm wa actually done. No broken bones. Only a few open handed shots to the face. Enough to bring blood and bruises, but no broken bones, only a dull all over ache that wasn't worse than the sort he got from a prolonged workout period.

The guards then shuffled out leaving him on the floor. He didn't speak again. Message conveyed. Even if it was a trick it was the only halfway reasonable chance he'd get. Even as he lay aching and bleeding he laughed. Whoever had ordered his ship destroyed didn't realize the effect it would have on their own men. If loyalty meant nothing to these people then loyalty they would not receive.

Time passed. he crawled over to a wall and waited. His hurts worsened. He didn't want to move and his body was screaming in protest. How foolish was he to laugh off even the mild beating they'd given him? He wasn't a young man anymore. He rapped the wall with the back of his head.

The wall rapped back. 

Wait. The guard said Jack was in a cell beside his.

He tapped again. Slowly. In code. 'I'm here.'

'Heard them earlier. You ok?'

'Been better. Think they're sympathetic. Will give an opening when shift changes.'

'Might be trap.'

'I know. Still best shot we have. You in?'

'You have to ask?'

'Wait till I make my move. Make sure it isn't me before you go to strangle. Out.'

Now all they had to do was wait, and hope their jailers wern't trying to have them killed during an 'escape attempt.' Crummy and possibly rigged though it was this was the only game in town and they were both gamblers at heart.
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