Idea to get Local Programs in Chrome OS

It'll have to wait till either tomorrow or day after since relatives are invading and I'm busy getting the house ready. In the meantime I want feedback and input to minimize potential Fail.

Due to Chrome OS's current failings offline I have been on the eye for web apps and or extensions that allow me to Get Things Done (even if it's just plain goofing off) while I'm not connected (mostly due to my home connection needing occasional resetting and, well, I'd rather not have to hop up and do that just to write a few notes or something.)

A friend of mine, who is somewhat technically minded and linux savvy enough to be of help, has been poking at Chromium since the Google Ninjas visited. He had linked me to an article about installing apt in Chromium. Combine this with a few ideas I have and I just might have a solution, even if only temporarily.

The idea:
with the Start! extension installed I have something that could potentially serve as a desktop proxy. This on the idea that I could create bookmarks that point to a file rather than web location (bit hazy on how to get the icons in, but I'll think of something since it's probably been done before.). With this as my new tab page I'm using a combination of 1 Click 2 Web Store and App Launcher to give me access to those apps I either currently want or might wish to try in the future.

Because the article is outdated, and Chrome != Chromium there is Fail potential. However if Apt can be installed (along with the programs themselves can be made to work) and the graphical front end can be made to work without having to install a full blown desktop environment I figure we can keep things fairly light (as Chrome itself SHOULD be able to handle those functions) yet grab the things that aren't yet implemented. When the situation changes flip the dev switch back, boot, flip again to erase back to factory standard, flip again to get back out of root, and churn along our merry way.

Thoughts? Win? Fail? Anyone else wanna try this while I'm sidelined by holiday crazy?
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