Living on the Web: Here we go Again

Still nothing from the muses. So I figure i might as well write a little opinion piece just to keep the schedual going.

With the recent buzz about ChromeOS, and reaching further back to look at how a growing portion of the (american) population stays glued to smartphones one has to ask. Are we now at a point where we can do everything by the web?

I'm personally reminded of a little thing thirteen or fourteen years ago; WebTV. To cut the nostalgia it was a box that you plugged a phone line in, then plugged into your TV and gave you a somewhat acceptable, for the era, web experience. The modem was slow (generally anywhere from 14.4 to 28.8 kbps) and you couldn't do much more than surf passively, but it showed potential.

Actually I remember there being a streaming audio thing, but you could only stream audio with no real way to have it play in the background. Also remember envisioning a way to have a standalone office like set of programs (remember those? they're generally called apps now.) Alas Magnavox went under and webTV flickered out of my life (though it's still around... sorta.)

Now we have wifi, 3g (and even 4g), phones that could do things not possible of even the most advanced PC fifteen years ago. So I ask, are we able to go completely on the web yet?

Well that depends really. For Ma and Pa or Joe and Jane that don't do much more than surf, upload and or edit pictures, and possibly write a few homework papers? Sure. Perfectly doable if you're in a service area for 3g wireless. Even light gaming is perfectly doable and fine courtesy of different flash sites or gaming apps via whatever market space you shop at.

Hardcore gamers? Programmers? People with not so great wireless access? Not so much. Oh it can be done yes, but a total transplant to living in the clouds? We're not there yet I'm afraid. Plus I'm more than a little leery of trusting Everything to some server I have no direct physical access to. Probably paranoia there but something about having a local copy is reassuring.

...This while my hard-drive is making the odd and infrequent weird noise....
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