Robot City

Well aware this is likely against every signle rule in policeing anddetective work. However i'm basing thiss off of anime's habit of going with gonzo rather than real world practicality. Plus it's lampshaded.

"I"m sorry ma'am no visitors." Receptionist was dull and lifeless. Alexis looked at her evenly while trying to decide if she was human or not.
Aleph frowned. "We're just here looking for a little more information on a house service unit that was built here. In and out twenty minutes and we're gone."
"I'm sorry Sir," The receptionist-Drone began before noting the way Alexis held himself and the rectangular piece of fake leather pulled from her back pocket now held out level with her face.
It should be noted neither officer was in uniform at that moment. Alexis smiled tightly as she cracked the leather just far enough to get her finger wedged in. "I am a duly appointed officer of the city of Beth. As of right now we are not officially here ma'am."
A look of horror was frozen on the receptionist's face.
"The moment I open this and show you my badge that changes. My partner calls for backup. Forensics teams get brought in to go over your equipment. You and everyone else here are questioned."
"You can't do that. Not without a warrant."
Alexis tilted her way this way and that. "I have a dead man who had been brutalizing his maid. Judge takes one look at her smashed in face how long do you think it will be before word gets out you condone beating machines that look more than a little like people?" She wobbled her other hand this way and that. "Oh sure we could run into somebody that dislikes synths on principle, but do you think women's rights groups will miss a chance at grabbing a headline or three about beating synths leading into spousal abuse?"
The woman made no more moves to block their progress.
"Thank you for your cooperation." Alexis smiled at her as they walked past.
Once out of ear-shot Aleph gently nudged her with his elbow. "You were feeding her a line and you know it. We don't operate that way."
"We need answers, not get given a runaround. I'd rather see if an official nosing about would net us anything before wasting everyone else's time on this."
Aleph grunted. "You don't trust anyone outside of our people for this?" In his mind that seemed the only reason his partner, fresh and not exposed to the inter-departmental friction he suffered through.
"Not particularly no. I've seen and done enough to know we'll get treated politely, but get given a runaround." They were thankfully nowhere near the assembly area. Offices plain and ordinary lined the hall they walked. "I know it's really not a great idea, and anything we find now isn't admissible, but I want as little whitewash as possible."
Another grunt from her partner. Arguably he could record the whole thing in non-violate memory and it would be under the same legality as bringing a camera into an area. However video evidence clearly showing crimes have been thrown out in the past. He weighed his options and considered the idea of an informal talk with a few different people would probably be helpful. "So. How do you want to play this?"
They were in front of a door marking it as belonging to operations manager. "I dunno. Good cop bad cop is traditional, but it'd get our man antagonistic. Try asking nicely?"
"I can do that." He knocked.
"Minute." Muffled voice on the other side of the door. "With you in a minute Officers."
Both exchanged slightly worried glances.
Door opened. Black haired rail thin man looked down at them. "I understand you're here about Mr. Robertson's maid?"
Aleph nodded but said nothing.
"Then you're aware of the irregularities we found during her last checkup?" Kind voice. Tired, but kind.
"I... wasn't aware you knew."
The man growled, "Not like it did me much good. Complained, tried to halt production. Sent complaints through official channels. Nothing. Threatened to fire me if i went to watchdog groups."
Both officers looked at each other then at the man they were hoping to question. Aleph then spoke. "Sir, we are here unofficially at the moment as our department's mostly tied up with a body snatching ring from Nippon and did not want to draw manpower away on what could have been nothing. If you would be willing to come forward..." He trailed off, hoping the man eh was talking to would get the idea.
"I can't." The man looked about.
"Can't!" Doorslam.
It wasn't until both walked out that Alexis started speaking. "Soo... knew we were there. Knew why we were there. Knows something's going on. If it were all recorded and his bosses were watching he's already strangled himself."
"Point, but maybe since he cut things off they won't bother him." Alexis's frown deepend as she started filling out different forms via her phone. "Give them notice we're coming in the morning?"
"Well since it's likely they already know I can't see what else it could hurt. If they're going to hide something they'll already be scrambling to get it done."
"All available units. Code 409 in progress. Backup requested."
"Acknowledged Central."
Alexis grinned in spite of herself. "Finally. Something we can do something about."
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