Setting Saturday: M50-7A Legionnaire

The Legionnaire was the first battle frame, fielded against the militia on Proxima Centauri in 2085. Since the engineers were unsure of what role the new battlefield asset would play, they opted to try for a well-rounded weapon loadout and what they considered a decent amount of armor. While a Legionnaire can certainly stand up to battle armor and strikers, its relatively light armor is a liability when facing opponents who are better armed than it.

The primary reason for the Legionnaire's design was to create an all-terrain weapons platform that didn't require a four or five man crew. Traditional armor assets could not handle the diverse terrain the Republic Legions would be fighting on, and infantry required some form of support to be successful. Although the Legionnaire experiences difficulty navigating rough or hilly terrain, it also doesn't run the risk of taking damage to its primary motive system while doing so.

CP Cost: 93.5
Scale: Roadstriker Scale (1/5)
Weight: 8,500 kg
Top Speed: 144 KPH ground speed
Servos: Mediumweight Head, Mediumweight Torso, Mediumweight Arm x2, Mediumweight Leg x2
Armor: Striker Armor (Head), Light Heavy Armor (Torso), Medium Striker Armor (Arms), Mediumweight Armor (Legs)
Equipment: Antitheft Code Lock, Cockpit (Torso), Ejection Seat, Foot x2 (Legs), Hand x2 (Arms), Medium Autocannon (Right Arm) Medium AC Ammo x2 (Right Arm), Medium Laser x2 (Head, Left Arm), Mediumweight Sensors (Head), SRM 6
Propulsion: Artificial Muscle System (Legs)
Systems: Armored Enclosure, EM Environmental Protection, Fusion Power Plant, Screen Controls

Artificial Muscle System (Propulsion): Same as GES, just without the floating.
Medium Autocannon: DMG 25H, Acc +0, Range 750m, Shots 12, Space 4, 25H, 3.4 CP. Traits- Projectile. Ammo = 1 CP per Space
Medium Laser: DMG 15H, Acc + 0, Range 450m, Space 3, 15H, 2 CP. Traits- Beam Weapon.
SRM6: DMG 10H, Acc +0, Range 450m, Shots 15, BV 3, Space 2, 10H, 5.4 CP. Traits- Missile
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