Setting Saturday: PA-073-L 'Jones'

Perhaps the most frightening aspect of the Terran Republic's military is that all infantry are issued a light military-grade powered exoskeleton, the PA-073-L Military Exoskeleton, dubbed "Jones" by the quartermasters and groundpounders. The Jones ME is capable of mounting specialized kits, though what is represented here is the standard issue version of the armor. The Republic's infantry are organized into 24 man platoons consisting of three 8 man squads, which are further divided into two fire-teams of 4 troopers. The fact that the Republic Legions can outfit all their infantry with military powered armor underscores the industrial might of the Terran Republic; other powers can only afford to equip their elite infantry units with similar armor. At last count, there are 13,000,000 PA-073-L armors in service with the Legions- a daunting number given that one must resort to using anti-vehicle weaponry to consistently damage a Jones-armored trooper.

CP Cost: 50.8
Scale: Human Scale (1/10)
Weight: 750 kg
Top Speed: 10.8 KPH ground speed, 32.4 KPH flight speed
Servos: Striker head, Striker torso, Striker arm x2, Striker leg x2
Armor: Heavy Striker Armor (All)
Equipment: Advanced Striker Sensors (Head), Antitheft Code Lock, Cockpit (All), Cutting Torch (Left Arm), Foot x2 (Legs), Hand x2 (Arms), Light Laser (Left Arm), Light Target Designator (Right Arm), Nightlights, Thrusters (Torso)
Systems: Armored Enclosure, EM Environmental Protection, Power Cell Power Plant, Reflex Controls

Cutting Torch: DMG 3H, Acc -1, Space 1, 3H, 1.7 CP. Traits- Energy Melee, Hyper. Human Scaled.
Light Laser: DMG 13H, Acc +0, Range 45m, Space 1, 13H, 2.15 CP. Traits- Beam Weapon
Light Target Designator: DMG 5H, Acc+2, Range 30m, Space 1, 5H, 1.7 CP. Traits- Beam Weapon, Tag System.

Tag System (Ranged Weapon Trait, x1.33 ): Weapon deals no damage and instead grants a one-time bonus equal to it's damage to another weapon system with the Guided trait.
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