Sundered Heavens: Escape pt1

“Dammit Simon.” swore Jensen as he and the other two psions ran like hell across the broken field of the spaceport to where they could hear Anderson’s manifestation sing sad and glorious angelic hymns. The ground shook violently as the enemy worm writhed and thrashed, unbelievable hunks of it being blown out from the inside into the air. One final, spectacular temblor knocked the psion combat team off their feet, a cloud of ash and dust roiling towards them. Rising cautiously, they saw that the Transmodal worm was very still. Covered in wet dust from the rain, they hurried to the steaming corpse of the machine.

“Good lord, Anderson survived that!” Scott said, pointing to the battered and broken figure staggering out of one of the holes in the worm. There was a brief moment where the four psions thought Anderson would remain standing, but the man collapsed suddenly.

Jensen checked the timestamp on his HUD and waved at the other two. “Come on, we don’t have time.” Broken of their sense of awe and amazement, the team jumped down to where Anderson lay, giving a quick check to the man’s vitals. Petrovich, being the largest of the four conscious psions, hauled Anderson easily over his shoulders in a fireman’s carry.

Jensen heard a beep on his HUD and glanced backwards. “Incoming.”

Like swarming ants, the nightmarish battleform biots were coming to avenge their fallen master. Jensen unholstered his beam carbine while Scott brought out his quantum blade. Hearing an unspoken order, Petrovich nodded and began quickly hopping his way up the rubble of the highway and toward the waiting starship. Jensen began firing the carbine at the biots even as the first lances of lightning were bleeding away from his amp suit’s shield, giving Scott the precious few seconds. Scott exhaled and waved a hand slowly, reforming the rubble around them into a mishmash of a wall, fifty feet tall and three times as long. It would hold the rampaging biots long enough to give Jensen and Scott a head start.

“Let’s go!” Scott said, despite not needed to, since Jensen already knew it was time to retreat to the ship.

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