Sundered Heavens: Gregor's Story pt. 2

“We were getting murdered out there. Even with the cluster missiles and anti-frame grenades, they just kept coming. It was down to just me and Simmons when the psion team showed up out of the blue. I’d heard of the amazing shit they could do, but I’d never seen ‘em in person- they mostly do off-world stuff.”

“Sweet Jesus they were fast. It was like watching a heat gun melt ice off the windshield on a December morning. We didn’t hear any com-chatter from ‘em, they just moved like they were sharing a brain. They were using energy blades and beam carbines to mow down the uglies.

“But man, even they took a few hits. Saw one lose an arm, then the bugs swarmed over him and... that was all she wrote. Just too much, man. Then it was like somebody turned the kitchen light on- all the roaches scattered and left.

“The four psions that were left, Jensen, Scott, Petrovich, and Khan, explained the situation, and that the Dragoons were to come with them to Goddard Spaceport to evacuate. Simmons and me didn’t need to be told twice.”

"Then the pod the bogies came from opened up. Er, uncoiled? It was a big fucking worm, all spines and lights with one horrible glowing eye inside it's mouth full of teeth. I knew it was looking at us, it was like somebody was digging my grave already. We knew this was a bad sign, and we started hauling ass.

"The psions knew something we didn't because Khan stayed behind and threw up some kind of shield to cover our retreat. Holy shit, I'd only seen weapons like that on a starship. Even with Khan covering us, the worm's beam threw us flat on our backs. The big guy, Petrovich, I think, was the first up. Simmons told me later that he saw a smoking hole where Khan had been. But the first thing I heard when I got up was the sound of something big on the move. The worm was moving away from us.

"Simmons crossed himself, and Jensen put a route back to the Dragoons in our combat computers. Went into the subway tunnels, but it was probably safer than running around on the surface with all the weird shit going on.

“God I need a drink.”
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