Valkyrie: Infiltration

First story post in over a week and the first one made via Crate. Let's see how this goes ja?

Cannot overstate how welcome zoom is.

Sam grunted at the man as he pawed at her. She thought he was smelly, dirty, and more than a little unprofessional in the whole business but chose to keep her mouth shut. Finally after what seemed like an eternity and now desperately wishing for a hot bath the man nodded to her then pushed the door he was standing in front of open.

She dared not show how apprehensive she was. Showing weakness in front of predators, human or otherwise, was generally a bad idea. So she gave the door man a withering glower as she passed inside. There she glowered and grunted past a pair of thick bodies, or at least attempted to get past them as they were each on the order of four hundred pounds and built like your average brick wall.

"It's quite alright." Voice past the guard-slabs made both turn to look behind them. No expression on either, no surprise, no anger, just that same near blank look that was starting to get Sam severely creeped out.

"Excuse me?" She slowly unslung her shoulder bag. She was told only to carry it, not look inside. Even so her armor had told her she was carrying only trace amounts of 'Product' likely residue on money or other articles. "Sir?" She peered past the two wide-bodies at the man beyond.

Rail then body and wasted features. She saw him and froze. God.. What's wrong with him? To her eyes he looked diseased, dying.

Careful. Something about him seems off. Lemme see. As Sam watched, the man started filling out. Growing a healthy layer of weight, face filling out, a kind face save only for the eyes. They still held that diseased half mad gleam to them. There, that's how he looks to everyone else. Think you can stop staring goggle eyed at him long enough to get done and gone from here?

The man in question was relaxing in a leather wingback chair at the far end of the room. Only with the man not looking quite so wasted did Sam register the rest of the room's contents and was somewhat flabbergasted. "Uh...."

The man arched an eyebrow. Were it not for his true form Sam would have thought him hansom, young, full of health but fixated on something. "I like books."

"I can se that." She shook her head slowly and started to the chair beside the man's. When he didn't object she sat and looked over the table between the two. "Your package." Bag gently handed over, careful not to let his hand touch her's. "You have people to deal with deliveries Sir." Sam tried to keep her voice neutral but edges of annoyance filtered through anyway. "So why have an enforcer make the drop this time?"

"Let us just say I like meeting all of my employees from time to time." He smiled warmly, or what would have been warmly had Sam not seen him for what he was. "I also like to make sure that-"

Sam! Get out. As the man prattled on Sam had started to get tired. Too comfortable a chair. Too warm room. Sleep felt good. SAM!
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