Valkyrie: Sidestepped into a Steady Job

Yes Yes i realize letting go of a superpowered vandal is probably not going to happen. However it isn't exactly letting go in that the guy pleaded out for six months with community service in exchange for information on who's pulling his strings. Plus metas are on a tw ostrike rule. First time the localsget to decide how the ball rolls. Strike two and its a federal matter (first strike only applying for a non-violent crime. Assault, Battery, Rape, Murder... you get no mercy.)

    "Ma'am?" Boring waiting area. Then again what sort of waiting room wasn't inherently boring? man that spoke had just come in from behind a large desk that effectively separated the room into public and police areas. Sam thought he looked somewhat cute, but immediately crushed said thought with fury borne from a lifetime of rejections.
    She got to her feet and followed the man further in past the paper pushing and into a dull and featureless interviewing room. One desk, two chairs. Overhead light. That was all the room had going on. Oh wait. It had one of those see through mirrors too. Sam nodded to the mirror before getting her seat. "Is this being recorded mister," she glanced at the name tag on the man's uniform, "Hobbs?"
    Hobbs nodded and started reading off a printed sheet. "Subdued suspects with area electrical effect." He made the idea of producing lighting and hurling it around sound boring. "Then you detained one of them by freezing him to a phone pole." He arched an eyebrow. "Really now?"
    Sam chuckled. "you watch youtube? The video's got a few hundred hits already."
    "You do realize the man you froze is calling assault, battery, attempted murder, and sexual assault?" Sam shook her head at this information. "I know, it's all a load of hooey, what with several dozen witnesses both on hand and around the general area. However once 'frozen in place' and 'shot lightning from her hands' start getting thrown around most people will assume crazy. Possibly some sort of gas leak and the collateral damage being explained away as the real vandals."
    After letting this roll through her head Sam laughed. "Multiple credible witnesses. Video that isn't doctored. This guy's hosed."
    Hobbs smiled thinly. "Yes but even so Ninja Auto's springing for one of their heavy hitters and the DA's probably going to allow them to plead out to save on paperwork." He raised a hand to stop her from saying anything else. "I don't like it either, but between gang violence, reports of a new drug being thrown around that causes prolonged convulsions and has already killed several people just within the first week of us finding out... and this?" He shook his head. "Officially our hands are tied."
    Clickity Click. Wirrrr. Sam eventually got the point he was trying to make, but was still genuinely crestfallen. This probably made her expression for the viewing audience as believable as it was. "Still, I did some good out there right?"
    Hobbs nodded.
    "Is there any papers or reports i have to file. Hiro said some places make you do the whole nine yards, especially if things get as splashy as they did today." She hoped not. She desperately fervently hoped not. Paying for repairs, especially with no reward money to draw off of, just wasn't an option for her. Not if she wanted to eat and keep the bills paid.
    Pause. Hobbs seemed to consider his reflection in the mirror and nodded. "Well if you'd be willing I think we could use your help on the red ball case."
    Eyebrow. How are you at sniffing out chemicals?
    The armor snorted dismissively. Are you kidding? It's alchemy's third cousin. Of course I can play sniffer dog.
    "Are you alright?" Hobbs sounded slightly worried.
    "Fine," We work for them you keep things looking respectable Mister! I can't afford to have you making me look like somebody out of Red Sonja on this. "Just aggravated, mind's wandering through what they'd taught me on how to deal with this kind of thing."
    "Oh," Hobbs's expression softened slightly. "First time going solo? Well hey, you're going to get steady pay and probably not have to blow anything up for the next few weeks."
    "So, what would you want me to do, hypothetically speaking?" Sam tried to act relaxed. Going into a contracted position had its perks. Regular money. People she could work with and learn from. Of course she'd have to abide by their rules and methods, which some from her class felt was too restrictive but Sam needed the money more than she needed the legroom.
    After pushing an intercom button and waiting, somebody else came in and dropped an envelope on the desk and left. Sam looked the contents over and seemed satisfied. "You want me to be a spy hm? I can do that."
    "Good," Hobbs offered her a hand and held the door for her when they got up to leave. "I'll need you here at nine for a proper briefing. Plus by then we'll have a more complete set of records from Xanadu pulled so we can have a better idea on what to do with you other than having a pair of eyeballs on the ground."
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