UPS showed up today right as I was headed out to clean stalls. Turns out Google has decided to give me a Cr-48 to toy with. As promised I will make with weekly blog reports on my experience. Already noticing little uirks that I feel are oddball enough to warrrant note.

These include:

Two finger scroll/right clicking working when figners are beside eachother but not when oen finger is above the other.

Zoom is not persistent. This is a minor problem since I have vision problems and there is, so far as i can tell, no way to tweak font sizes.

It's really REALLY snappy zipping around. This might change over time. Might not. I plan on having my folks make accounts so they can use it.

Speaking of, even though my trioptimum.com account works as my google signon it required me make a gmail address before I could log in. This bugs me somewhat.

Extensions loaded up fine and my little robot theme for chrome seems to display correctly.

Due to my living a little away from things and being reliant on 3g I had to cheat a little for access... have my old router act as a connection bridge with the desktop being in charge. I suspect if that box goes to sleep or standby no connectivity.

The screen fades and brightens as you do stuff. I am not sure yet if i like this or not.

Expect another update Tuesday.
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