Bloggery Shifts

I've had blogs before this. I've been on lifejournal ranting and screaming at the world. I've had another blog on blogger before this one. Do not bother trying to find either. While I'm sure the Wayback or Internet Archives have posts from there I've deleted both in an attempt to move on in a hopefully more mature and measured direction.

When I started this blog up I'd promised to keep the rants to a minimum and try using this space as a focus for my writing. Unfortunately while I have written a great deal in that time (almost enough for a whole 'nother book in fact) I unfortunately have no audience to speak of. At the very least not an audience that will respond and react. 

The whole reason for me putting my writings on blog was to gain feedback. The lack of this is highly disappointing. Screaming at my audiance, however, is the best way to lose said audiance. After all it's not like you have hours on hours to dedicate to nitpicking and discussing some random internet person's rambly scrawl o text.

 So I'm trying to shake things up a little. Maybe I've grown stale, or maybe I've been chasing my tail too much to see the world around me. All I know is for the past month and a half, ever since last November my updates have gone from near clockwork to 'uhhhh I have an update today? CRUD!' Have to fix that. Also have to apologize to whoever reads this. You guys deserve better.

Edit: Good frikken lord. I trolled my audience on that one. Sorry for the unreadable font o blackness. Fixed nao.
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