Cabled to Death

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Cable-ization of the Internet.

I'm no journalist. I haven't kept up with the news. It's too depressing. In fact I would have missed the article entirely if I hadn't found it while reading about Berkeley's Overmind AI for Starcraft. This is very spur of the moment so I apologize for inaccuracies and or missing information.

Does this deal benefit anyone? Maybe if you're on government assisted living. Otherwise I don't see how comcast getting even bigger helps anybody, especially when they don't have to share their lines with other ISP's.

'But I have charter cable!'

That's comcast too. It might as well be anyhow. Oh sure you get concessions that, in theory, force Comcast (excuse me, Comcast-NBC-Universal) to make programming as available as Disney and other content providers make their s to online outlets. However it just doesn't add up. Then again that could just be because I'm in an area where it's either getting internet via 3g, or pay Comcast for service, and get bled through the nose for the amount of service given either way.

Right now kinda tired and scattered but the following quote jumps out at me as scary.

     The sheer number of specific conditions attached to the deal led the two Republican FCC Commissioners to issue a joint statement attacking the merger proceedings as an old-fashioned stick-up.
     "The Commission’s approach to merger reviews has become excessively coercive and lengthy," they wrote. "This transaction is only the most recent example of several problematic FCC merger proceedings that have set a trend toward more lengthy and highly regulatory review processes that may discourage future transactions and job-creating investment."
Soooo wait up here. Are these two Commissioners stating that they want less regulation and oversight? Granted too much is a bad thing, but having no accountability would leave consumers without having a big stick like regulations or government to fight back with. Shame on both of you. Not everyone has deep pockets, and even those families that look like they'd be well off on paper, such as my own, have to sink most of that into repairs, medical bills, and expenses that don't include lining some big media group's pocket. 
I realize nobody from any of these groups reads this. However i want them to keep something in mind. People that don't feel like the hazards are worth the cost are not your customers. Your olive branch to the lowest rungs is a nice gesture, but that's all it is. Improve service and have your billing be reasonable and then we'll talk. I don't mean some special one year eighteen month or however long discount that then blows up to some monster that then becomes unpayable. I mean actual reasonable rates that STAY reasonable. 

As I feel a rant coming on I'm going to step out. However i have this to ask the home audience. Why is it no matter how a company's fortunes go, whether they're barely scraping by, or show record profits, your bill never goes down?

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