Comparing Google and Microsoft

This one's been buzzing around my skull since I'd started using Chrome OS. It isn't and cannot be a one to one. However I couldn't help but try lining Google up with Microsoft back when they were a truly domaneering company in computers and the software industry. I want to latch onto how Internet Explorer was their attempt at making your computer a Portal to the Web (TM) while at the same time keeping you from using a competitor's product (browser) to do the same.

However I've run into a snag there since, at least in the development unit I have, Google has done everything in their power (so far as me Mr layperson non-Linux user) can see to both keep the day to day users from doing something exceedingly silly (like gaining root privileges and overwriting the entire hard-drive.) but at the same time making it a relatively hassle free process of gaining said privileges if you wish to monkey around.

They even provided a guide (that has since been improved upon by different users) to installing Ubuntu if you so chose, and flat out stated 'we don't care what you do with your property.' This is comforting to me in that 1. They've given the end user keys and a manual (if not a terribly easy to follow one for the layperson. Then again it was outright stated to be the work of a few hours brainstorming.) 2. 'Your Property.' I like that in of itself since it's not leased, it's not loaned, this is OURS. In an environment increasingly full of 'you don't own the software/hardware/etc, you lease it from us under these terms.' having explicit ownership is comforting.

Plus they sent one computer out with a copy of windows 7, which enabled users to grab a stock bios image from which has since become the Luigi installer hexxeh has given the community. I like the tinfoil hat theory that Google intentionally 'accidentally' shipped it out like that to see what the end users would do, and to provide credible deniability to the press that they did so. After all, Chinese windows shipping to a US home that could have just turned around and asked for a replacement (which happened... but in the meantime... history shows what happened.)

Still. Considering how much data Google handles they have potential to become right scarry if they decide to go full on Evil. So while i don't believe Google is slowly morphing into the next Microsoft I welcome the discussions that help make sure Google stays true to it's stated goal of 'Don't be Evil.'

Discussions. Please. I want reader feedback on this one.
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