So I see this move as follows. Mubarak is pannicked since a populous uprising has happened, attempts to stifle mass communication via making the Egyptian ISP's have only made the people angrier (how the hell would it do anything else?) and he's despirate to do anything to stall the flame and pitchfork mob calling for his head.

I hope the US stays well out of this until humanitarian aid is asked for. As with Iran last year I believe our best bet is to stay away lest if there is a regime change it gets tainted by the idea it's only an American puppet in a very Anti-America part of the world.

I hate that there's nothing meaningful I can do to render aid. I also hate that a US Ally resorted to something even Iran wouldn't, IE ordering ISP's to shut down.

For whatever it's worth I wish those on the ground and directly affected by this the best.
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