With a few fresh bits of music I've managed to get something pieced together. I'm no good at writing action. Might be why this was so hard to write initially and why I was foot dragging.

     Edward paced in his room in a state somewhere between anxiety and aggravation. So to try putting frustration to productive use he made another tour of the engine room. Seeing that all was well, or at least not clearly in any signs of exploding, he strted to suit up to take a look inside the ship's envelope. Even for aone such as him the cold temperatures and low oxygen would have made the process difficult if not impossible. However between the air lines and the the suit that had been cobbled together to accommodate for his size back when the ship modifications were being installed he managed only to be uncomfortable rather than frozen.
     "Hm." He followed the catwalk to the midpoint of the envelope, just to one side of where the base of the central baloonette was tied and knelt down. His eyes focused, switching between visible, infra-red, back, zooming in and out as he tried to make sense of what he was looking at.
    Since vision was failing he'd resorted to popping one end, the part covered in crystalline growth, into his mouth and using his tongue to make a connection between the wetware in his skull and the firmware of the device in question.

     Elsewhere a team of five Genomes were riding through the countryside like it was on fire and they were catching. Their leader had a general idea of where to go, but knew it was a chancey thing. After all what if the ship they were chasing went elsewhere? What if when they got there, it wasn't? Enough of this. They had a job to do, so they rode on.

     Sounds of guards walking away. Yost turned his head this way and that to make sure he was hearing right before getting to his feet. The hard pallet in his cell wasn't comfortable, but it had been a better place to wait than the floor. Now appeared to be their chance. So he acted.
     First was the door, which he used a pair of tools on as well as a pair of flexible wires to manipulate. It was slow and tedious, but practice and memory of past exploits served to make it far quicker than otherwise.
     Click. Door unlocked. He paused to consider how a possible betrayal would work, so flung the door wide while flattening himself against the space to one side. No gunshots. Could just be whoever out there waiting, but he didn't think so. Regulations dictated an immediate breech if the prisoner had gotten free.
    Empty hall, wouldn't be for long. Keys. Keys. He jogged to the guard station and looked. Nothing. Snort, wouldn't make it that easy on him. He waited until somebody entered, hiding under the guard's desk until he passed. Then. Grab. Twist, Arm restrained behind back. He had leverage and options.
     "Keys." His voice was rough. Was this person part of the conspiracy to help, or was he a loyalist?
    Keys were passed to him. "Now what?" Soft voice. Dio, just a kid. Barely out of his teens. "You can't leave me here."
    "No. I can't, and your uniform doesn't look like it would fit." He started marching the kid to the cell he just got out of.
    Chuckle. "They custom fit our suits so prisoners can't steal one." Guy started reaching for his belt. "You'll need weapons."
    Yost shook his head and took the guard's baton just before he shoved him into the cell. Door lock. Move to free Jack. Hurry, noises from outside, possibly more guards.
     Jack looked around before Yost motioned for him to get to one side of the door leading out. When the guard saw Yost he started to rush in, deep breath to... sound alarm? Scream? No mater. Jack had a hand around his mouth and the man's arm in a hold similar to what Yost had used before. As before this guard ended up in a cell, his weapon taken. Time to move.
    Where now? Jack looked over to Yost questioningly. In response Yost led them through corridors and twists and turns Jack couldn't make sense of. He had considered his ship large, but this place had to be huge. Where was everybody?
    Sounds of gunfire ahead past the next turn in the hall. Both men stopped, flattened themselves against a wall. Listened.
    More gunfire, screams. The cry of 'traitor!' called from both sides of the fight. Screams, sounds of dying.
    So that's how it was then. Both men exchanged glances before creeping ahead. No sense in getting their heads shot off if they could help it. Rounded corner, almost ran into a crewmember attempting to bandage their arm.
     Terrified look in the man's eyes.
     Jack eased the man down as Yost grabbed a shirt from one of the fallen and started ripping it apart for bandaging. As the old admiral worked he made shushing noises to try making the man stop struggling. "Sh... It's alright son. WE just want to know what's going on."
    "Mutiny. Orders that were refused. Just couldn't. Not that... Not after today." The man started babbling.
    Concern flited across Yost's leathery face. "Not what?" Bleeding stopped, the bandages looked secure to him.
     "We were to go to your home. Arrest everyone. Kill anyone that resisted. Move on to do the same to everyone on The List."
     Jack started to speak but Yost shot him a warning glare causing him to keep quiet.
     "Won't be jackbooted thugs. Not for anyone." The man started getting incoherent. Started babbling about Machines in charge. "Won't let them wind me up point me at something they want dead. Signed on to help people. Not this."
     "It's alright." Between the two of them Yost and Jack found an empty room to put the man in.
     "Leave me."
     Jack shook his head. "Not gonna happen."
     "Has to. Yost'll lead us, but not if they kill him here. That's the plan. You two get out. Meet at Raritania with whoever we can get. We take back our country from there."
     Yost's eyebrow shot up at this. "A bit organized and far reaching for a ship-wide revolt isn't it?"
    "Harken, radio officer, had been in contact with others ever since we were ordered to arrest you. Hope he's alright."
    Jack shook his head. "We're still not leaving you here."
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