Eyeballing new ISP

While I'm not the person in charge of money matters in my house I have been keeping an eye open for alternatives to our current service provider. Cricket Wireless Internet is 'unlimited', but after the first five gigs of data used you're throttled down to anywhere from 6-14kbps. In other words only slightly better than dialup. Unlike Verizon and or ATT (though I could be wrong) they don't start dumping overage charges on you if you go past that cap. After a bit of poking and prodding I found out that the customer five gigs at full speed (or whatever your plan specifies) does not reset at the next month. Instead it's a rolling cap situation (where they look at the past thirty days useage, and if the total use for that period is over five or however many gigs.. they keep you throttled.)

Due to my location we're too far away for DSL/ATT's U-verse (at least according to their site.) So that cuts us down to Comcast (which we unsubscribed from for a laundry list of reasons) and different 3g services. As mentioned before we had chosen cricket because they won't hit you with overage charges. Another reason for choosing them is that they had a month to month plan, which works really well given how shaky things can get. A few days late? Eh, no worries, no late fees. Just drop money in and you're reconnected. Such is the way of things, especially in our ailing economy.

Now to the point. Anyone know anything about clear.com? Their Terms of Service look about as clear as mud to me right now. However what I'd gathered is during high overall network load those that would be considered heavy users (which I qualify as) would get throttled until the congestion clears. If I read correctly once the network stabilizes and it's feasible to they then unthrottle Mr Heavy Bandwidth User back to normal.

Me being, without question, the biggest net user in the house, I have to wonder what their criteria for heavy use is, how they decide when to throttle and un-throttle and the like. Y'know, since it'd be pretty low of me to cause everyone else's surfing to get set to a crawl because I had to spend five hours on youtube looking at McRoll clips.

Currently, as we don't need a home phone Take One looks like the best option. They also have a leg up over cricket in that they have Home Modems. Granted you have to buy the hardware for month to month, but it's a home modem instead of something I'd have to plug into the desktop's USB, which means the desktop doesn't have to be active for my chrome book to get service. Already have a router, so that cuts costs down somewhat. Trouble is I've gotten burned on over-enthusiasm enough times to wonder where the rub here is. What am I missing that could cause everything to blow up in my face?
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